Translation of test in Spanish:


prueba, n.

Pronunciation: /tɛst//tɛst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(exam)

      prueba feminine
      (multiple-choice type) test masculine
      aptitude/intelligence test test de aptitud/inteligencia masculine
      • to do / take a test hacer una prueba/un test
      • to give / set sb a test hacerle / ponerle a algn una prueba/un test
      • Judging applicants must pass a written test, demonstrating their knowledge of these rules.
      • Students in the seventeen districts gradually improved their performance on standardized tests.
      • I answered the question, took a seat, wrote the test, handed it in and left.
      • I paid close attention to everything he said, but still came up short on tests and quizzes.
      • Written tests and performance in one's courses are no longer the only route to higher education or the only index by which students are evaluated.
      • Do you want to compare answers with your buddies during the break and then start writing the test?
      • Valued added is the complex score the Department for Education and Skills uses to work out if pupils are reaching their full potential, based on performances in earlier tests.
      • Child psychologists are being brought into a borough's schools in a bid to pull up performance in key tests and exams.
      • Written tests can assess knowledge acquisition and reasoning ability, but they cannot so easily measure skills
      • Pressure to show big improvements on test scores forces teachers to spend weeks, and even months, drilling students on the tests.
      • Perhaps the most contentious issue in this debate is the use of standardized tests to measure school performance.
      • This young lad, since passing his test, has written off two cars in self inflicted accidents.
      • Some of these tests involve knowledge picked up from education, and some don't.
      • But it's up to states to establish their own tests and standards.
      • Teachers can use the tests to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of pupils so they can identify areas to concentrate on.
      • Validity standards are based on test content, not on which groups of students take the test.
      • Often the question about study in America centres around the performance in these tests.
      • You were told what to learn and expected to repeat your knowledge in tests.
      • We asked the parliamentary candidates for Wimbledon to tell us a bit about themselves and then we subjected them to a test of their knowledge of their area.
      • The final 26 were interviewed and ranked based on their combined performance in the test and interview.

    • 1.2

      (of machine, vehicle, weapon) prueba feminine
      (of drug, treatment) prueba feminine
      (run/flight) (before noun) experimental
      (run/flight) (before noun) de prueba
      nuclear test prueba nuclear
      • Indeed, many of the assemblies have already passed reliability and quality tests needed to achieve FDA approval.
      • Finally, we have omitted performance tests for the time being.
      • This approach to correct the continuum theories is being pursued elsewhere, but no explicit tests of its performance have been published.
      • Well, we'll have some performance tests shortly, but we want to note another stipulation made in the documentation on the modules.
      • Sirius has launched all three of its satellites, but is still conducting on-ground performance tests.
      • On test there was certainly very little buffeting or wind noise.
      • An array validation program represents the foundation of tests required to establish robust assay performance in a multiplexed environment.
      • In short, numerous tests have proven that the enormous mass of these vehicles makes them more dangerous in a crash than smaller cars.
      • It is his obligation to have the performance tests carried out.
      • Those qualifications are best measured by performance tests.
      • The overall dimensions, damping system, bread carriage and marking fall under the tests for performance.
      • This positive assessment must, however, be tempered by the acknowledgement that the tests establish bare minimum standards.
      • The preliminary tests indicated that the performance of epoxy asphalt was far superior to that of other systems.
      • The results of the studies that measured reliability indicate that the test can be reliable if a standard procedure is used.
      • We want you to enjoy our food at its very best and we carry out extensive tests to establish the natural life of each of our products.
      • To avoid mistakes they have to devise tests of reliability.
      • The alloy was then heated and rolled into half-inch-thick sheets, and subjected to strength and ductility tests.
      • All their Mercedes Benz engine parts have passed rigid quality tests for durability and performance as well as all the other car parts.
      • As one measure to do this, quality control tests should be performed to determine the degree of variability for each test.
      • The system's performance in cyclic tests at the University of California, Berkeley, was also astonishing.

    • 1.3(trial)

      prueba feminine
      it was a test of strength/endurance fue una prueba de fuerza/resistencia
      • the crisis was a test of her leadership qualities/his loyalty la crisis puso a prueba su aptitud como líder/su lealtad
      • to put sth to the test poner algo a prueba
      • screen test prueba cinematográfica
      • to stand the test of time resistir el paso del tiempo

    • 1.4(analysis, investigation)

      blood/urine test análisis de sangre/orina masculine
      • eye/hearing test examen de la vista/del oído
      • they've sent a sample of blood away for tests han mandado a analizar una muestra de sangre
      • the test was positive el análisis dio positivo
      • he/she failed the B-test el contraanálisis dio positivo

  • 2

transitive verb

  • 1

    (student/class) examinar
    (student/class) hacerle una prueba a
    (skill/knowledge) evaluar
    the students are tested monthly a los estudiantes se les hacen pruebas mensuales
    • to test sb on sth
    • to test sb for sth
    • what are they going to be tested on? ¿sobre qué va a ser la prueba?
    • do you want me to test you on your verbs? ¿quieres que te pregunte / te tome los verbos?
    • she was tested for AIDS se le hizo la prueba del sida
    • the candidates were tested for their initiative se sometió a los candidatos a una prueba de iniciativa
  • 2

    (product/weapon/vehicle) probar
    (product/vehicle/weapon) poner a prueba
    to test sth on sb/sth
    • he tested the recipe on me probó la receta conmigo
    • not tested on animals no testeado en animales
  • 3

    (commitment/friendship/endurance) poner a prueba
    the next few days will test the engine to the limit los próximos días serán la prueba de fuego del motor
  • 4

    (urine/blood) analizar
    (reflexes/hearing/sight) examinar
    (hypothesis) comprobar
    you need to have your eyes tested tienes que hacerte examinar la vista
    • test the temperature of the water prueba la temperatura del agua
    • to test sth for sth
    • the eggs were tested for salmonella los huevos fueron analizados para determinar si estaban infectados de salmonela

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (carry out a test)
    hacer pruebas
    Medicine hacer análisis
    to test for sth
    • they will be testing for fluency and pronunciation harán pruebas de fluidez y pronunciación
    • doctors are testing for cancer los médicos están haciendo análisis para determinar si hay cáncer
    • just testing! era solo para ver qué decías
    • she tested positive su análisis dio positivo
  • 2

    hacer pruebas
    she tested for the witch's part hizo pruebas para el papel de la bruja