Translation of tether in Spanish:


soga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛðər//ˈtɛðə/


  • 1

    (rope) soga feminine
    (chain) cadena feminine
    • Producers have used two types of tethers (neck and girth); both of which restrict sow movement.
    • If enacted, the law might eliminate tethers and stalls for other classes of cattle.
    • With bridle and saddle managed in one hand, Isabella released the gelding from his tether and stepped back, heading towards the tack room without waiting to confirm he returned to his stall.
    • The animals fed and lay down next to their tethers.
    • In contrast to moving from outdoors to neck tethers, moving from outdoors to indoor gestation pens or stalls did not inhibit litter size.
    • On closer inspection, he found a friction wound, blackened with scabs, on the back of Patch's neck and a chain tether, with a blue nylon rope, nearby.
    • Vieuille-Thomas et al. observed sows housed in tethers, stalls, and groups for the occurrence of stereotypic behaviors.
    • Stalls and tethers are systems of individual housing of sows that do not allow turning around; these systems allow only minimal social interactions among neighbors.
    • In the rest of the world, for example, sow stalls and tethers, banned here, are still widely used.
    • He paused to dismount as well, tossing a thin tether to a man who took the animal away.
    • The use of specialized animal stalls and tethers is accepted as a science-based industry standard of management.
    • With sows kept in tethers in a stall, their movement is restricted with a belt around their torsos just behind the front legs or around the neck.
    • Selected European countries and the European Union have banned or are phasing out use of stalls and tethers for gestating sows.
    • In the rest of Europe - with the exception of Sweden, which has banned them - tethers and sow stalls can be used until 2006 and 2013 respectively.
    • Gregory turned from his parents' grave and walked back through and out of the barren house to his horse, the animal waiting patiently on its tether and barely visible against the forest shadows.
    • Legislation banning the use of stalls and tethers in pig farming came into force in 1999.
    • It appears that the physiological data from a number of studies indicate the welfare of sows in stalls is equal to, or better than, that of sows in tethers or groups.

transitive verb

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    (animal) atar
    (animal) amarrar