Translation of text in Spanish:


texto, n.

Pronunciation /tɛkst//tɛkst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(written material)

      texto masculine
      text processor procesador de texto masculine
      • In the meantime, traditional Latin and the severe cursive style was also abandoned in favour of a grammatically correct text and standard handwriting.
      • The use of repetitions and taboo words in text is pretty much a direct reflection of their use in speech.
      • Written in the same flowing handwriting was more text.
      • She flipped through its pages and was surprised to find it filled with handwritten text.
      • Here we have a short - about 130 pages of text - well written paperback that provides a perfect introduction to a complicated story.
      • This is consistent with the fact that the primary instructional strategies at this time were sight-word recognition and locating words in text.
      • Reading stories aloud provides a great opportunity for young children to hear sounds in words within the context of connected text.
      • We can also see the remediation of print at work in the processes involved in producing handwritten text.
      • When they write, they piece together words in the same way to create text which is structurally sound, but is often also completely impenetrable drivel.
      • It's the first phase in my experiment of editing a dense piece of academic print text for the Web, and I actually posted it at the end of April, but only mentioned it in passing.
      • I cannot imagine what English words sprinkled in Hungarian text looks like for someone who doesn't speak Hungarian.
      • To check whether your passport is machine-readable make sure there are two lines of text printed on the white stripe at the bottom of the personal information page.
      • The paper contained a few words of perfectly unintelligible text.
      • Further, since they were creating text through the letter writing, it was easy to identify topics for subsequent mini-lessons.
      • With print design, we have precise control over spacing between letters, words and lines of text.
      • Each word had a printed frequency between 2 and 10 occurrences per million words of text.
      • This is a suggested format for citing the most common types of online material in printed texts; it is derived from advice given in various sources (listed at the end).
      • Shallus was a clerk trained to create a fine handwritten text.
      • This is a pocket-sized volume running to 130 pages and probably no more than 40,000 words of text.
      • I create an edition that's about 15,000 words of text.

    • 1.2(piece of writing)

      texto masculine

    • 1.3(content, wording)

      texto masculine
      • The Clinic is throwing its doors open to the general public for conserving ancient documents, texts and even damaged books with an offer for protecting them for at least one more century to come.
      • Certainly, an introductory survey needs to account for these texts, summarise their content and aims, and use them referentially as an argument progresses.
      • I'm only reading Madison's text and connecting it to the debate about religion and government that exists today.
      • He considered it Menotti's finest text, and it is, indeed, a remarkable piece of work.
      • My initial impression upon reading the title of this book was that a text had finally been written for the layman on how to draw and sketch mineral specimens.
      • The medieval history of these islands is very old (we share that antiquity with the rest of Europe) and very well-documented in terms of texts.
      • Stocking brings new insights to the volumes by concentrating on the contents of the texts and how they reflect the shifting nature of anthropological thinking.
      • Thus, by the turn of the seventeenth century, material drawn from classical texts about Greek art and artists had become a familiar feature of art literature.
      • The original purpose of the Institutiones was the teaching of Latin to Greek speakers, as is shown by repeated references to classical Greek texts.
      • Worse still, whereas literature was once valued for the beauty of its language or its moral impact, the purpose of reading is now to deconstruct texts in terms of power relationships.
      • In terms of character and content, these texts do not have much in common.
      • Having been orally preserved by scholars after the first Qin Emperor destroyed the Confucian books, the texts had been written down in the new Han script current at the time of their recovery.
      • The forms of chronicle, fiction, narrative memoir and field study contribute to this text as a novel.
      • His interpretation of literary texts and memoirs, especially those from the nineteenth century, is masterful.
      • Up until now, he has written more than twenty books and hundreds of texts or contributions to volumes, catalogues and journals.
      • Brief introductions preface each text, which is printed in double columns on the page, and there is a full glossary at the end of the book.
      • He's not only brilliant in law, he's an expert in historical research and has a huge library of medieval texts, even some in Old English and Occitan.
      • By 1603, all the primary texts of the classical-republican tradition were available in English translations.
      • Chapter two reflects on how Alcott's text connects writing to the injuries of battle.
      • In this way, African literary texts are often subjected to the sort of reading that seeks to elicit from them a portrait of something called the African world.

  • 2US

    libro de texto masculine
    • The Bluejacket's Manual has been the primary text for teaching young Sailors ever since.
    • There is the sneaking suspicion that a text on writing may appear to be more useful than it actually is.
    • In their screenings of Ienaga's texts, the Textbook Authorisation Council exposed its conviction that the purpose of history education was to create patriotic citizens.
    • In fifty years as a writer he has published over 30 educational texts, and seven novels.
    • Someone must have been there at 5am ready to buy all the coffee stained English texts.
    • It facilitated the collation and comparison of different manuscripts of a particular scientific text, which led to the correction of mistakes and the pooling of new ideas.
    • Yet today, Smith is the author of Modern Optical Engineering, a fundamental text in optical design.
    • He then went on to write further texts on mathematical physics, completing one on elasticity.
    • She got up, jabbing Savvy softly on the arm with her elbow, grabbed a bunch of hardcover texts from the professor's desk and started to give one to each person.
    • Some like to learn from texts and workbooks; others are more kinesthetic and need to have their ‘hands on’ what they are doing.
    • They quickly became the best-selling school texts nationwide.
    • Deciding on goals rather than on texts is not value-free, but I would argue that it would be easier to reach agreement on the aims of a course than on a given text.
    • Our history texts discuss these issues, which all have ethnic repercussions, in great detail.
    • Such texts largely talk at rather than with students.
    • Tinto and Noel, Levitz, and Saluri have written comprehensive texts on the subject of retention.
    • Most introductory texts use the term ‘refraction techniques’ to describe what is often thought of as controlled-source seismology.
    • Popular English grammar texts and workbooks for all skill levels can be purchased at their showroom or ordered through their catalog.
    • He has authored more than 100 publications in the cardiology literature and book chapters in medical texts.
    • My new marketing texts for the new term have arrived.
    • I would not however, recommend it as a primary text for undergraduate students.
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    tema masculine
    • In the text of the discussion, we find the following exchange.
    • Each column begins with a true-life case study, and each is followed by a list of sources that can serve as basic texts for discussion.
    • He is concerned with selected, representative texts and themes.
    • Is there a particular scene that you could use as a text for such a discussion?
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    mensaje de texto masculine
    sms masculine
    SMS masculine
    • Anecdotally, mobile phone calls and texts have increased.
    • Any mobile phone can receive texts and it keeps you in close touch with your money.
    • Rumours came in on the limited mobile phone texts and on the one battery radio about earthquakes somewhere nearby, but no clue as to the enormity of the whole thing.
    • The combo package integrates a webcam, instant messaging, texts and e-mails in one free package.
    • The product manages phone calls, webcam, emails, texts and instant messaging in one place on a PC, with multi-way video calls expected to be added in 2005.
    • He has not been heard from since and has not returned any calls or texts to his mobile phone, she said.
    • If yes, stop immediately - no calls, emails, texts, no asking friends how she is doing.
    • I'd just switched off the tape recorder and switched on the mobile phone when a text popped up to say that the deal had finally been done.
    • I am unconcerned about the interweb, and the occasional text seems just fine… but here I am less than an hour since I got home, online.
    • Still hopeful, he returns to Leicester and sits in a cold sweat, watching the screen of his mobile phone until the text drops just after 10.
    • Once the calls, texts and emails start coming in I know I could be discussing almost any subject under the sun!
    • You haven't replied any of my emails, texts, voicemails or anything.
    • The new system lets you send texts to any cellphone in Britain for 12p, and it receives messages free.
    • So I find out about my landline, through a text on my mobile.

intransitive verb

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    mandar un mensaje de texto
    textear Latin America

transitive verb

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    to text sb textear a algn Latin America
    • text me when you're on your way mándame un mensaje de texto cuando estés en camino