Translation of text message in Spanish:

text message

mensaje de texto, n.


  • 1

    mensaje de texto masculine
    sms masculine
    SMS masculine
    • The alert can also be forwarded as a text message to those with mobile phones.
    • As an optional service, the user can be sent a text message every two hours while they're parked.
    • The system can even send a text message to remind the motorist if they are nearing the maximum stay.
    • Jason had sent a text message to his father earlier that day saying that he was distressed after a row with his girlfriend.
    • We used our mobile phones to send our mum a text message to find out the address.
    • There is no need to go to a shop or access a website, simply send a text message and the cost is added to your phone bill.
    • The Sazo also features a panic button which, if pressed, automatically sends a text message to the parent.
    • Will I have to phone someone before I sent them a text message and offer them an opt-out option?
    • Each inquiry will cost the same as a regular text message depending on the mobile phone operator.
    • There's no premium to be paid by the user, over and above what it costs to send a text message.
    • And today we make it easier than ever to join the cause by allowing you to add your name by mobile phone text message.
    • They can simply send a text message with a code word, their identity number and a pin code.
    • You can renew the loan of the book and pay the fine from the comfort of your own home just by sending a text message.
    • So, in the meantime, if you do receive an unsolicited text message offering a bogus prize, what should you do?
    • It is usually much cheaper to send a text message, so check these charges too.
    • Now I save a text message to my phone with the street name and nearest cross street.
    • The two talk on average a couple of times a month and have found a use for that most modern of innovations: the text message.
    • The answers were then looked up and sent by mobile phone text message to students in the test hall.
    • I couldn't get through to him so I sent him a text message to tell him I was at home.
    • In recent weeks we have reported on scams perpetrated by post, fax and mobile phone text message.