Translation of thaw in Spanish:


derretirse, v.

Pronunciation /θɔː//θɔ/

intransitive verb

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    (ice/snow) derretirse
    (snow/ice) fundirse
    (snow/ice) deshacerse
    (frozen food) descongelarse
    the atmosphere soon thawed (out) once we got talking en cuanto nos pusimos a hablar el ambiente empezó a relajarse
    • relations between the two countries are thawing las relaciones entre los dos países se están haciendo más cordiales / se están distendiendo
    • his shyness slowly thawed poco a poco fue perdiendo la timidez
    • If you're using a frozen vegetable package from the store, turn the heat up a bit so that the vegetables thaw and the flavour can infuse itself into the vegetables.
    • Jack was already making his way across the lawn towards the lake, which had thawed out in the warmer weather.
    • There's never a reason to leave food thawing on the counter.
    • Whether it's global warming or just Klondike weirdness, the Klondike River thawed and rose 2 metres in December.
    • I am aware that mastodons once walked where I walk, that the seemingly solid ground under my feet has frozen and thawed (and will re-freeze and re-thaw) over eons.
    • The crunch-crunch of the icy grass is music to my ears, as I walk on it before the frost has thawed.
    • On one occasion we were snowed in and the four boys all had chicken pox so we moved out to a rented cottage in Roxburgh until the snow thawed.
    • Or they abandoned ship altogether and slogged to shore, hoping to regain their vessels when the ice thawed.
    • And any remaining snow is likely to thaw - swelling already brimming rivers - as record high temperatures are also predicted.
    • Add the frozen vegetables, garlic and ginger and cook for two minutes, until the vegetables thaw.
    • Lily bulbs can go into the ground as soon as the soil has thawed.
    • Waxy starch gels form a paste at lower temperatures, swell with more water than regular or partially waxy starches, and don't lose water during freezing and thawing.
    • Thankfully two weeks later, after the snow had thawed, they happily celebrated their wedding anniversary among family and friends.
    • When I left the hospital, the snow was already thawing, and water dripped from roofs and gutters everywhere.
    • But closer study at the nearby University of Alaska revealed an assortment of bacterial cells, many of which came to life as soon as the ice thawed.
    • Shackleton and his 28-man crew waited, immobilized, in the hope that the ice would eventually thaw, but after ten months the ship was destroyed by ice pressure.
    • Meanwhile, it is hoped temperatures will rise for long enough to allow the snow and ice to thaw before the next freeze sets in.
    • When the ice thawed, the Messerschmitt sank and remained at the bottom of the lake until recovered by Pearce.
    • Foods which are still partially frozen or have thawed but are still cold to the touch (40 degrees or lower) can safely be refrozen.
    • Tightly wrap meat, poultry and fish so the juices don't drip on other food as they thaw in the refrigerator.

transitive verb

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    (ice/snow) derretir
    (snow/ice) fundir
    (snow/ice) deshacer
    (frozen food) descongelar

impersonal verb


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Meteorology Politics

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    deshielo masculine
    derretimiento masculine
    a thaw has set in ha empezado el deshielo
    • the diplomatic thaw el deshielo de las relaciones diplomáticas