Translation of theater in Spanish:


teatro, n.

(British theatre)

Pronunciation /ˈθiədər//ˈθɪətə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(building)

      teatro masculine
      sala teatral feminine formal
      to go to the theater ir al teatro
      • before noun I've got two theater tickets tengo dos entradas para el teatro
      • Catalans enjoy going to opera houses, theaters, and museums in Barcelona and other cities.
      • But don't expect to see the results in opera houses or theaters any time soon.
      • The exhibitions are complemented by concerts and theatrical performances in the state-of-the-art theater.
      • The Union is actually becoming one of the very best little fringe theatres in London.
      • Romania has many radio stations, television stations, live theaters, opera houses, cabarets, and entertainment establishments.
      • Maggie was too young to notice such things and was excited about meeting a lady who sang in theaters and opera houses.
      • A landmark cultural building, either a theatre or an opera house, according to Coyne, will act as a focal point for the area.
      • This show, which includes many new songs, toured the country to much acclaim last summer with sell-out performances in various theatres.
      • I first saw James Brown in 1962 at an outdoor theatre in San Diego and it was electrifying.
      • The building is old and handsome, containing a bistro type restaurant, a theatre and other performance spaces, and at least four galleries.
      • Children were forced to wear their winter coats through a Christmas pantomime performance when a Southend theatre's heating system broke down.
      • Later, he had decided to relax by venturing to the theater to see William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
      • This building was a theatre, teeming with life - actors, audience, staff.
      • Most performances take place in theaters, usually in urban areas.
      • The next performance at the theatre is Alan Ayckbourn's ‘Relatively Speaking’.
      • He admitted that there was a long way to go to make it a first-class theatre for dramatic works.
      • Performances increasingly moved to theatres with proscenium arches, so the audience now viewed the dancers from the front, though no two spectators would have an identical view.
      • Behind the main building, the octagonal theatre has also been remodelled to create a tranquil, communal garden.
      • I always keep that in mind, even when going to the theatre for a performance.
      • The newspaper asked a number of actors and directors why plays by Friedrich Schiller were no longer performed in German theatres.
      • Acrobatic performances take place in the open theatre behind the building.

    • 1.2(theatrical world)

      the theater el teatro
      • she wants to go into (the) theater quiere dedicarse al teatro / a la escena

    • 1.3(drama)

      teatro masculine
      (company/critic) (before noun) teatral
      (company/critic) (before noun) de teatro
      an important figure in French theater una figura importante del teatro francés
      • the Theater of the Absurd el teatro del absurdo
      • it's a good piece of theater es buen teatro
      • the debate made good theater el debate fue de lo más teatral / todo un espectáculo
      • theater guide cartelera teatral
      • the theater world el mundo del teatro / de las tablas
      • It was a great opportunity for children to experience live, quality theatre with all the magic and excitement.
      • They have acquired such a reputation for quality theatre that their shows are always a date for the calendar.
      • I had never done any acting or theatre in school or college.
      • You couldn't get a better experience in terms of theatre.
      • His growing literary interest led to his writing on theatre.
      • I don't think in terms of film; I think in terms of live theater.
      • It has an unrivalled reputation for producing contemporary theatre of the highest quality, invention and energy, and for its dedication to new writing.
      • Since then he has attended the London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts, and has been involved in all aspects of theatre including writing, acting and producing.
      • The production promises to live up to the group's current high standard of theatre, kicking off another packed year of top-quality shows.
      • After graduating, Grant dabbled briefly in advertising but plugged away at an acting career in regional theatre.
      • After a spell in the theatre, he directed the TV mini-series ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, and the films ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘The Mother’.
      • It combines elements of mime, dance, theatre, puppetry and text.
      • I was in Japan last year and was fascinated by the theatre there - it's so different from western theatre.
      • It's essential reading for anyone who cares about theater or writing.
      • Even though film and television are more lucrative in terms of remuneration, theatre offers a true spiritual experience.
      • He is known for his non-conformist attitude in every field in which he has proven himself, be it politics, theatre or the legal profession.
      • ‘She told me that it was the role of theatre to present life and to put theatre back in touch with reality,’ says Mackenney.
      • The idea is to turn the focus onto the fundamentals of theatre, including acting.
      • Peter Doran said it proved it was possible to provide quality theatre in remote regions like Pembrokeshire.
      • This production has been handled very well by the director, cast and crew and is bound to delight fans of good-quality community theatre.
      • This kind of theatre is what is meant by the term ‘edgy’ - fresh, in-your-face, a little disconcerting.
      • Some useful notions about theatre, past and present, suggest that it can operate in this way.
      • Then, in 1985, he formed a theatre company with the aim of producing quality professional theatre for young people.
      • The festival also attempts to improve the quality of college theatre.
      • He had the experience of writing for theatre in his early career.
      • He then began to move more decisively toward theatre, drawn to directing by the opportunity to interpret other people's words.
      • Simone's best songs had the dramatic breadth of musical theater.
      • The award recognises the company's well-deserved reputation for high-quality theatre by people with learning difficulties.
      • It also gave him a valuable insight into the world of theatre and inspired him to develop his childhood talents.
      • ‘It was really interesting in terms of trying to translate that experience into theatre,’ Eatough says.
      • It was a happy coincidence that Brecht's theory of alienation was inspired by folk tales and folk theatre, which relied a lot on story-telling.
      • Cinema, which borrows heavily from theatre in terms of choreography, has a few distinct features of its own that can be exploited.
      • The enthusiasts' tactics include presenting science as theatre, magic tricks and fantasy.
      • Lively conversation and anecdotes will abound as the duo discuss the art of writing for theatre.

  • 2movie theater

    cine masculine
    sala de cine feminine formal
    teatro masculine Colombia Chile
  • 3operating theatre

    quirófano masculine
    sala de operaciones feminine
  • 4

    theater of sth escenario de algo masculine
    • the theater of war/operations el escenario de la guerra/de operaciones
    • These divisions were deployed by the army in various operational theatres and fully integrated into its command structure.
    • He saw action in many theatres and was awarded Operational Service Medals for Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    • It removed bungling amateurs from the theatre of war.
    • The badges will be presented to surviving members from either of the two wars, who served in operational theatres of war.
    • Having proved that she is more than capable of working in an operational theatre, HMS Echo is now beginning to demonstrate her true capabilities and value to the Fleet.
    • During World War II, Soper was sent to the Mediterranean theater of operations as part of the U.S.A. Typhus Commission.
    • To compound the woes of the invading forces, with every passing day weather conditions in the theatre of war will grow increasingly worse.
    • The main theatre of war was in the Crimea, where British, French and Turkish troops landed and laid siege to the port of Sebastopol.
    • This has obvious effects on attempts to transport armies or other land forces by sea into distant theatres of operations.
    • It is accepted that no such training can wholly reproduce the conditions of patrolling a hostile area, much less wholly reproduce the experience of a theatre of war or of combat itself.
    • Fifteen months later, he was commanding a theater of war.
    • Two soldiers from 2 Para were flown home during the investigation and the other four remained in Kabul but were removed from the theatre of operation.
    • This allows for the rapid deployment of troops around the world, no matter where the next theater of war develops.
    • On the point of losing everything to the rebels, the king's triumphant emergence in the theater of war helps push back the enemy and offers a possibility of victory.
    • Successive governments denied that the region had been a theatre of war: pressure from veterans has forced recantation.
    • The question has to be asked, however, what parents were doing allowing their children to be in harm's way in the middle of a bloody theatre of war.
    • Italy, which had wanted to withdraw from the fighting, now became a theatre of war.
    • This theatre of war alone devoured 30,000 Soviet lives.
    • In the European theatre of war, 5,556 war criminals were tried, the majority in France, America, and the United Kingdom.
    • This turned a diversionary skirmish into the main theatre of war.
    • The theatre of war looms large in France's film culture and this First World War prison drama, based on a true story, was long hailed as one of the greatest films ever made.
    • This was to turn the Middle East into an important theatre of war.
    • He was later posted to the Pacific theatre of war, in charge of a mobile radar unit.
    • More than two million of these were Americans bound for the European theatre of war.
    • Russia replied by opening up a new theatre of war in the Balkans.
    • She has served in very many operational theatres.
    • Now, the big question is how do they extricate themselves from a theatre of war that daily looks more like a slaughterhouse?
    • As the theatre of war moved south, so did the smallpox, primarily affecting civilians, camp followers, and irregular troops in both armies.