Translation of their in Spanish:


su, adj.

Pronunciation: /ðɛː//ðɛr/


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    (singular) su
    (plural) sus
    they washed their hands se lavaron las manos
    • Problems came to a head on Friday when a can of spray paint was thrown at their front door.
    • Some veterans have chosen to deal with what they saw by closing it out of their minds.
    • Nothing gets to me more than people who make a big song and dance about having their own way.
    • At times it was so cold that they could see their equipment frosting up in front of them.
    • It is ghastly for those who tried so hard to make the model work and who have now lost their jobs.
    • They often feel less attachment to the city as a whole than to their own little corner of it.
    • In our society many are crying out to be understood but we fail to hear their voices.
    • It was a new form of game show and people were on the edge of their seats, even if it seemed trivial.
    • The surprised look on their faces was a joy to see as I ushered them to the front door.
    • If they win, they will just go on to the next bet and so on until they've lost all their money.
    • They all wanted to show their grief for the loss of a girl whose life touched so many.
    • At the end of the day, he says, their defence teams just did not fight a very good case.
    • People spend a lot of time making sure their holiday is what they want and is good value.
    • People came out because they felt the power to change the world was in their own hands.
    • You walk out of a bar in daylight, and you see people on their way to work, or jogging.
    • Gone are the days when he could read five books and file away their contents in his brain.
    • One group told me that they had been asked to provide their own brooms to sweep the stage.
    • After their visit, the team decided to go back again to try to do more for the country.
    • What they get up to in the privacy of their own kitchens is entirely their own business.
    • It would not bring their victim back to life and there would just be one more death to mourn.
    • The feedback we get from buyers is that people now have less and less time on their hands.
    • All I can do is carry on giving my all for my club and let others make their minds up.
    • If your mum clicked with their mum then you would have a new friend whether you liked it or not!
    • I am once again reminded, how wrong it is to judge a person by the colour of their skin.
    • Anyone who wants to voice their displeasure over that lot has to do a lot of voicing.
    • Why would anyone for the sake of their ego want to change the structure of what is going on?
    • Everybody goes to have a look before making up their own mind where they want to shop.
    • The winner with the most votes gets to spend an hour in the stocks for their humility.
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    (belonging to indefinite person)
    (singular) su
    (plural) sus
    if anyone phones, ask them to leave their number si llama alguien, dile que te dé su número de teléfono


The translation su agrees in number with the noun which it modifies; their is translated by su, sus, depending on what follows: their father/mother su padre/madre; their books/magazines sus libros/revistas. For their used with parts of the body,