Translation of theirs in Spanish:


suyo, pron.

Pronunciation /ðɛːz//ðɛrz/


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    (singular) suyo
    (singular) suya
    (plural) suyos
    (plural) suyas
    is this all theirs? ¿todo esto es suyo / de ellos?
    • theirs is blue el suyo/la suya / el/la de ellos es azul
    • a friend of theirs un amigo suyo / de ellos
    • Some employees saw increases in their salaries while others had theirs reduced.
    • The other evening I placed an online order with a well known company for some products of theirs.
    • Just remember, the fear they are spreading is not for your benefit, but for theirs.
    • This makes a certain amount of sense, as theirs is the only network that can do this.
    • I stayed silent during the meeting and people imagined my pain was much worse than theirs.
    • America and the West cannot assume that theirs is the only political and economic model.
    • Some will nod heads knowingly while other saddened souls will simply shake theirs.
    • We did our bit; all that was needed after that was for the sports stars to do theirs.
    • I hope it works for their sake, after all it's not my main gig but it is theirs.
    • Bette says she knows what he's thinking before he says it, and theirs is a special bond.
    • Many are in a rush to damn him for a past crime when so many others in football and public life have been forgiven theirs.
    • After an early morning ride and breakfast the host had his work to do as usual, the soldiers theirs.
    • After the war much of the prime land that was once theirs lay in the Soviet eastern sector of the city.
    • Scorsese's film of course centres around these people, but it is his film, not theirs.
    • Our footballing exaggerations are not as big as theirs but then neither is our level of success.
    • Both were sympathetic but lacked the will to tackle a problem that was not exclusively theirs.
    • As theirs is a more unpredictable business than most, farmers plan for the worst.
    • They treat you as an honoured guest, as if the privilege and pleasure is theirs, not yours.
    • They even speak our language; or it might be more accurate to say, we speak theirs.
    • Why don't these people just get on with living their lives and leave others to live theirs?


The translation suyo reflects the gender and number of the noun it is standing for; theirs is translated by el suyo, la suya, los suyos, las suyas, depending on what is being referred to.