Translation of thematic in Spanish:


temático, adj.

Pronunciation /θɪˈmatɪk//θəˈmædɪk/


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    (treatment/arrangement) temático
    • The book includes an introduction, seven narrative chapters, four thematic chapters, a short afterword, and two appendices.
    • And I noted the conference's thematic undercurrent of ‘sustainability’ with some apprehension.
    • Part II includes seven thematic chapters covering the biogeography, ecology, behavior, life history, and conservation of grebes.
    • More importantly, the story itself seems to get tripped up in a cat's cradle of thematic connections.
    • The book is elegantly written and usefully divided into short, thematic chapters.
    • The subject matter in the first volume is at once thematic, regional, and broadly national.
    • The mottos ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘friendship and fraternity’ were used as thematic subjects for artists to follow.
    • Perkins's chapters seem loosely organized around thematic questions: What did pioneers know about the West?
    • The book is organized around ten short thematic chapters, making it an appropriate resource for individual and group reading.
    • The chapters neither cohere nor fit particularly well with the thematic focus on group performance.
    • The essays range from the broadly thematic to much more narrowly defined subjects such as Turkey's declaration of war against Japan in 1945.
    • The resulting data were subjected to content analysis in several thematic areas.
    • In its thirteen thematic chapters, this book discusses the challenges and successes of the women's movement in Uganda.
    • He creates albums that are strikingly different - many are governed by some thematic principle - and he has been compared to the late Eric Dolphy for his pivotal role in the development of the bass clarinet in jazz.
    • Rather, each of the seven chapters is a detailed thematic essay exploring a key issue in the history of late 19th-century France.
    • By and large, the album is ordered chronologically and, to an extent, along thematic lines: the property and homes, family pictures, and work scenes.
    • This is a rare treat for those of you who are just plain sick and tired of artists' work being forced into thematic shows.
    • The thematic organization of the chapters is a powerful approach, but it means sacrificing any sense of chronological development.
    • And you know, there is a thematic consistency here.
    • It would seem that the account in chapter 3 is intended to lay out the story of the events so that the subsequent chapters can be seen as detailed, thematic case studies.
    • The transcripts were subjected to thematic content analysis, using standard qualitative procedures.