Translation of theme in Spanish:


tema, n.

Pronunciation /θiːm//θim/


  • 1

    (subject, principal idea)
    tema masculine
    a theme which recurs in his later works un tema que vuelve a aparecer en su obra posterior
    • her songs have social themes sus canciones tratan de temas sociales / tienen una temática social
    • theme pub bar temático
    • When analysing a play you should look for the overall theme/idea.
    • Love, sex, duplicity, betrayal - the abiding themes of literature are all there, along with the fascinating twist that it's all going on under the watchful eye of the public.
    • Unlike many of his West German colleagues, he sees nothing objectionable in making connections, letting his imagination play with themes and ideas from other sources.
    • At the end of each chapter, however, review questions are offered for discussion, which helps the reader focus on the theme of each chapter.
    • A yoga day on the theme of the anti-war movement is also being organised and details of this can be obtained by contacting Michele - see below for contact information.
    • Ballon Improvement Group is sponsoring a poster competition for school children on the theme of ‘Litter Control’.
    • The new bins will carry messages on the theme of ‘respect’, which has been promoted through large posters put up along the roadside.
    • The other day I glanced at the latest of these potted guides, which informed me that ‘childhood is a recurring theme in Scottish literature’.
    • The theme of life lessons recurs throughout these eleven poems, as the reader follows a young girl and boy through childhood.
    • And if you poke around in there you might find more on the theme of writing and narcissism.
    • The Sheppard Trusts Heritage Competition for primary schools was on the theme of ‘Connacht Long Ago’.
    • Another important cause of tension was the persistent use of mythological themes in art and literature, in a society still devoted to Christianity.
    • But death has been a really important theme in human literature.
    • The exhibition on the theme of growing up in a small fishing village looked at stories of truancy, illness and religion and what children of those bygone days did during their leisure time.
    • So we decided to have an exhibition on the theme of illumination.
    • In offering my reasons for the existence of terrorists and terrorism, I focus squarely on the theme of civil society and democratization.
    • The Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, delivered the sermon on the theme of hope for the world.
    • To be sure, the painful consequence of racial violence is a pervasive theme in black American literature.
    • We have divided these issues into five areas, based upon the common themes found in the literature.
    • It is a theme that pervades this seductive book, with its delight in the arcane and ordinary.
    • It makes me wonder about men's attitudes to violence, and how it is often portrayed as a force which binds them together - an old theme in literature and cinema.
    • The former church will host an installation-based exhibition on the theme of light, which will run from July to October.
    • The idea of an art exhibition on the theme of beauty pageants might seem odd at first, but in Venezuela beauty queens are a national obsession.
    • Novelist John Gardner once observed that there are only two themes in all of literature: Someone goes on a journey, and a stranger comes to town.
    • On the theme of ‘how to get the best out of your people’, Eriksson said that while he trusted his own judgment he was prepared to explain decisions and listen to suggestions.
    • The motivation, themes, and ideas behind a work can reveal something to us about ourselves, a kind of inner truth.
    • Fresh fruit and flowers are a part of every entertainment, and nature and gardens are central themes in literature and poetry.
    • In these first few years of Empire, the dominant theme in Roman literature is a consciousness of decline.
    • Discuss why this is such a popular theme in recent literature and media texts.
    • The report focuses on the theme of proactively learning from experience.
    • In the coming year, the Association will focus on the theme of leadership.
    • He has now come up with an exhibition of paintings centring on the theme of ‘innocence’.
    • This major exhibition focuses on the theme of desire in Surrealist art.
    • There's an exhibition on the theme of the second world war at the Museum; I'll pay it a visit and report back!
    • Robert Cormier, a well-known author of adolescent literature, uses the theme of intimidation in many of his books.
    • Various shows and exhibitions have been staged inside the gallery on the theme of ‘humankind in harmony with nature’.
    • This brief description of the plot of Cabaret does not really describe the story of the film, since it fails to elaborate the film's themes, ideas and morals.
    • It's also the appeal of the classics, and many novels for older children and teens draw heavily on classic themes, tackling challenging ideas along the way.
    • Here is an extract from his writings on the theme of faith glorifying God.
    • The theme of identity also pervades the Cinderella story.
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    • 2.1Radio Cinema Television

      tema masculine
      • Act 3 includes the Ride of the Valkyries which few festival goers will fail to recognise as the theme music to the film Apocalypse Now.
      • He sees himself as an artist, but all anyone ever wants to ask him about is the film theme music he wrote 40 years ago.
      • The theme music of the film has become a hit with mobile users in town.
      • She half expected a deer to prance by a rainbow while some overly cheesy theme song music started playing.
      • Hannah finished cooking her eggs as the music from the theme song rang through the living room and into the kitchen.
      • Aside from the beginning theme song, don't expect much.
      • The soundtracks of all the films in the trilogy are a mix of theme music as well as on-screen sound, but, importantly, no dialogue or voiceover.
      • And John Barry wrote theme music for 12 out of the 19 James Bond films, as well as scores for Midnight Cowboy and Dances With Wolves.
      • The theme music has now been brought out as an album.
      • And German TV networks run the theme music from that movie in their reports.
      • I remember being utterly thrilled by it, and the theme music is still one of my favourite ever tunes.
      • It's a pleasure to hear the film's theme music and Nat King Cole's efforts so well presented.
      • She loved the theme song and bought the sheet music, as you did back then.
      • Pop stardom is simply not on his agenda, with film scores and theme music having significantly more appeal, and in his view, greater longevity in terms of a career.
      • Some parents have noticed their babies quietening when a familiar song or TV theme tune comes on.
      • Rock music and TV theme tunes are being piped into classrooms to help pupils study for their exams.
      • Regulars had made fun of his cowboy appearance, and had hummed the theme song from the film ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.
      • Instead of appearing on the silver screen she will be singing the theme tune to the film.
      • The theme music, Song of Australia, was performed by Ian Walker and recorded at St Mark's Church, Darling Point, in Sydney.
      • The show runs from March 16-20 and features a specially composed theme song and musical hits from Chicago, Phantom of the Opera and Ring of the Roses.

    • 2.2(principal melody)

      tema masculine
      • At the time Rachmaninov wrote, he competed with variations on the same theme by Liszt, Schumann, and Brahms.
      • Still, any score by such an important composer, even one that plays quirky variations on themes by Mozart, is worth hearing.
      • His operas reveal careful dramatic planning, and his use of recurring themes and motifs frequently creates conceptual and musical unity within a work.
      • Written in the form of a theme and variations, Britten composed a central theme based on a melody by the first great English composer, Henry Purcell.
      • There are motifs, themes, and recurring melodies, all the things you'd expect from one song blown up to forty minutes.
      • The central melody evolves around a minimal theme reminiscent of random melodies played on wind chimes.
      • The composer claims to have used themes by Soler and Boccherini.

  • 3US

    trabajo masculine
    • She had to write a theme once on what book she'd want to have with her if she were stranded on a desert island.
    • Each student will write a theme on a topic chosen by the teacher or selected through a class activity such as brainstorming.
    • So how do I go about writing a theme?

transitive verb

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    they themed the program to Christmas el programa giraba en torno al tema de la Navidad