Translation of think tank in Spanish:

think tank

gabinete estratégico, n.


  • 1

    gabinete estratégico masculine
    comité asesor masculine
    • The think tank said consumers were shaking off worries over jobs, while firms were investing again.
    • The independent academy is regarded as a think tank for crucial political and social issues for the Chinese government.
    • And recently a government think tank came up with the idea that people owning a second property should pay a higher rate of council tax.
    • The think tank projected next year's economic growth would hit 4.01 percent.
    • But the think tank said new rules could sometimes help business.
    • As a member of its board, he convinced the think tank that it had to function as a business rather than a charity.
    • A think tank has been set up by the county council to update arrangements for dealing with any crisis in the county.
    • As far as my little experience is concerned, I am very happy directing a young think tank that is growing at a fast pace.
    • The author is a full-time researcher at a local economic think tank.
    • He said he would want to be still involved in policymaking, rather than in business, perhaps with a think tank or an NGO.
    • He hopes the independent think tank will be able to act in ways that a government agency cannot.
    • Areas set to be examined by the new think tank include taxation and UK membership of the European Union.
    • He was not who his father wanted him to be, and his job at a conservative think tank promised to drive the man over the edge.
    • John moves on from his distinguished career as a student to working for a government think tank in a university.
    • A leading think tank is forecasting that lower growth in the economy will blow a large hole in the government's spending plans.
    • So why is a Washington think tank funneling money to universities to encourage liberal journalism?
    • Anglican bishops should be stripped of their right to sit in the Lords, says the Fabian Society, a Labour think tank.
    • A German economic think tank is predicting the loss of 100,000 jobs, with banks and insurers the hardest hit.
    • A think tank's level of influence often depends on which political party is in power.
    • Proposals being put forward by a government think tank also include a ban on adopted children marrying their siblings.