Translation of thinking in Spanish:


ideas, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈθɪŋkɪŋ//ˈθɪŋkɪŋ/


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    (feminine plural) ideas
    pensamiento masculine
    current thinking on disarmament las ideas actuales / el pensamiento actual sobre el desarme
    • government thinking on this issue la línea del gobierno sobre este problema
    • what's your thinking on this? ¿usted qué opina al respecto?
    • to my (way of) thinking en mi opinión
    • to do some hard/serious thinking reflexionar profundamente/seriamente
    • good thinking! (suggestion) ¡buena idea!
    • that was quick thinking on her part con eso demostró gran rapidez mental
    • Their thinking, ideas, and aspirations should be a part of the planning exercise for their city.
    • Four of the statements were about issues that dominated his thinking at the time and were highly emotional.
    • They are best developed through regular exposure to assignments that are process oriented and that require critical thinking.
    • But does this line of thinking mean that we should all live in cities?
    • Philip's rhetoric was also existential, and it strongly influenced my thinking.
    • There are other, more objective factors that will doubtless be shaping his thinking.
    • The Mars missions show the power of preconceived ideas to cloud our thinking.
    • He also gave police an insight into his thinking, ideas that led him to set the bush alight.
    • Leadership, strategic thinking and motivation are considered to be the key qualities of an effective CEO.
    • Well, this is the director's view of the world, and it obviously reflects his thinking accurately.
    • Logical thinking works to your great advantage in most instances.
    • The observation that stimulated my thinking on this topic was of a humble grammatical phenomenon.
    • Such offences, so the thinking goes, are of a lesser order and should not stigmatize violators.
    • It is time for some imaginative thinking - new ideas for making public services work better for those who need them most.
    • Clear thinking, good ideas and listening to what customers want are the core elements.
    • One of my posts is not the sum totality of my thinking on the subject.
    • I have no idea what their thinking is at this moment in time other than by reading their own public utterances.
    • He thought that he could discover truth by deductive thinking in mathematical terms alone.
    • The strongest evidence of thinking along these lines appears in 1938.
    • Make voting more accessible, the thinking goes, and more citizens will vote.
    • In reality, analytical and intuitive thinking support and complete each other.
    • I think these are over-inflated ideas, and my thinking comes out of working with depressed people.
    • What works, preferably those that can be accessed online, helped shape your thinking?
    • My thinking has evolved since I wrote the book.
    • Can you tell us something about these experiences and how they shaped your thinking?
    • I'm going to loft an idea here and I don't want to prejudice your thinking by blurting out any names.
    • Thank you for taking the time to write the essay, pointing out his short-sighted thinking.
    • Why have these discredited ways of thinking become so influential once again?
    • Our thinking can reflect the systems and values of the world to the extent that we are controlled by them.
    • In the process, they'll learn about generating ideas and stimulating creative thinking.
    • Yet the late 1980s and early 1990s have also seen the return of ideas based on mercantilist thinking.
    • Lincoln knew that the words people habituated themselves to use would influence their thinking.
    • Most importantly, the lessons of these recent experiences also have greatly contributed to our current strategic thinking.
    • The harder question is how much she influences his thinking and his decisions.
    • It is my sincere hope that our readers will find many new perspectives and ideas to challenge their thinking.
    • This thinking reflects a new development in British universities.
    • In debate about law, we are used to the idea that legal thinking is objective and that law applies to everyone.
    • My thinking on this topic has been influenced by stimulating discussions that I have had with social scientists.
    • The declines in stock prices are the result of foreigners selling Japan short, this thinking goes.
    • Isn't it technology, for example, which makes new ways of thinking, new ideas and paradigms, possible?


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    thinking patterns (masculine plural) modelos de pensamiento
    • thinking process proceso mental
    • thinking time (for reaction) tiempo para reaccionar