Translation of third-rate in Spanish:


de tercera, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌθərdˈreɪt///


  • 1

    de tercera
    bastante malo
    • Can such a third-rate human being write a first-rate novel?
    • Why does my itinerary resemble some third-rate lounge singer's?
    • Why, he explained, would you want to compromise supper and the delicious sauce you have spent hours brewing with a third-rate packet of tagliatelle?
    • I also learned BASIC to write my own word processing program, as well as make some real third-rate games.
    • But even a third-rate hack, wannabe journalist like me can spot bad reporting.
    • It's not a third-rate political burglary, it's a cover up of information on the largest attack in the history of the country.
    • The real problem is not Scotland's descent into third-rate football nationhood, but the fact that so many young folk won't play any sport, no matter what choices we give them.
    • I am so angry at this appalling, second or third-rate service being provided to non-private patients.
    • But who wants to hear third-rate imitations of rock gods of the past, especially by a band that brings virtually nothing new to the table?
    • All these libraries spend their funds on purchasing third-rate books with the grants available to them and publishers churn out only these works as they are in demand.
    • He does not want to be dictator of a third-rate country.
    • The Government certainly appears to consider the cotton industry a third-rate industry at the moment.
    • Such is the lazy refrain of third-rate comedians, sneering metropolitan commentators and people who have never visited but believe everything they read or hear.
    • Or is she, as some are starting to suspect, a shallow, third-rate self-publicist who has crested to celebrity on a wave of violence and hype?
    • There is little doubt that we could field a super sevens, but to send a third-rate crew that far, and at considerable expense, is hardly good financial management.
    • I don't think I could write anything substantial about a third-rate painter, or a fourth-rate composer.
    • It's perhaps the ultimate confirmation of what an insecure, pathetic third-rate talent Williams is that he not only feels the need to put one over on his opponent, but that he tells people about it.
    • After the best people leave, the second-rate people get promoted and they have a tendency to hire and promote third-rate people.
    • It's a third-rate movie made worse because its plot turns on a common and dangerous misunderstanding of how the natural world works.
    • You can't turn on the television without being bombarded with images of sex, and these are as likely to come in an advert as they are in a third-rate post-watershed movie.