Translation of Third Way in Spanish:

Third Way



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    the Third Way la Tercera Vía feminine
    • Talk of renegotiations, third ways and so on is no more than mere election fodder for the grim-faced electorate of North Antrim and beyond.
    • Typical lefties that they are, they're opting for the third way.
    • Liberalism, for him, was an attempt to provide a third way for American theologians.
    • The prime minister talks of there being a third way in most matters.
    • This a conflict where there isn't a third way, I'm afraid.
    • In the US, which never embraced the tenets of post-war social democracy anyway, the idea of a third way is even murkier than in Britain.
    • Instead, they have chosen a mushy third way between legalisation and prohibition that few understand and nobody respects.
    • Even the third way, whatever it was, is no longer invoked.
    • In these discussions, it was always socialist or liberal parties that were going to show us the third way.
    • Wake up, realize that you've been betrayed enough, and work for a third way.
    • It may surprise you to know that the third way has no interest, as does traditional social democracy, in doing much about inequality.
    • Two generations later, neo-orthodoxy issued a more aggressive appeal for a third way.
    • But beyond these two traditional camps a third way is emerging.
    • Earlier popes also condemned both socialism and capitalism and hoped for a third way.
    • Eventually we learn that the solution to the conflict can lie only in the future with the discovery and adoption of a third way.
    • Historically, third ways have usually cropped up when people found the existing dominant political ideologies lacking.
    • In recent times, social democracy has tried to create a new radical centre - a third way beyond Left and Right.
    • There are few new answers to old questions, no third ways beyond the conventional solutions of more practical politicians.
    • Now more than ever the search for third ways demands more attention and resources.
    • But you know there is a third way, of course - and you proved it could work on radio.