Translation of thirteen in Spanish:


trece, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθərˌtin//θəːˈtiːn//ˈθəːtiːn//ˌθərˈtin/


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    trece masculine
    • I figure we probably have twelve or thirteen years left to go.
    • Of the thirteen contestants, seven were chosen for a question and answer round.
    • Chapter thirteen covers the various options available for mounting your photos.
    • The 1790 census reported about half a million people living west of the original thirteen states.
    • I fought in the great battles that swept over our land thirteen years ago, and lived to tell the tale.
    • I kneaded for eight minutes and my wife took over for the last thirteen.
    • It's something like twelve or thirteen years since I last had a stream of colds like this and I've been relatively free of them since.
    • I walked into the room and was greeted by about twelve or thirteen little sophomores.
    • Seven of the thirteen case studies are included in the abridged version.
    • Twelve of the thirteen disciplined workers were important union officials or representatives.
    • For eight months I've been following a sensible diet that's resulted in my losing thirteen pounds.
    • Normally it takes twelve to thirteen months for him to instill a solid reining education on a horse, from start to finish.
    • Eleven high officials in thirteen universities were ejected from office.
    • The hills are rolling out in front of her and there are thirteen miles to cover before she will tell her story again.
    • They shared the joy and burden of editing for the next thirteen years, the longest period of any coeditorship in the journal's existence.
    • The walk was thirteen miles long and nearly one hundred people participated and completed.
    • Of the authors of the thirteen articles, seven were academics and six non-academics.
    • Previously they have been ranked as the most intense set of examinations in the world, with a maximum of thirteen exams in seven days.
    • Six more jobs were to come, spread over the next thirteen years, but they were of a different character.
    • He had spent the last thirteen years of his life in Ireland, mostly in County Galway, and at least some of the time in Carna.


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    (invariable adjective) trece