Translation of thirty in Spanish:


treinta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθəːti//ˈθərdi/


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    treinta masculine
    see also seventy
    • After a good thirty yards she came to a heavy wooden door that was locked.
    • She normally makes thirty forty different scans from a set of flowers, before she finds an image that interests her.
    • Most of the political philosophy written in the last thirty years has been on this question.
    • More people were killed in political violence in those four years, than in the previous thirty.
    • He had put himself on a fixed budget and couldn't afford to spend more then thirty to forty dollars a day.
    • He is apt to spend thirty or forty pages on an incident to which an equally good writer might devote three.
    • The only recourse is for Ed to drive thirty miles to the nearest hospital for help.
    • These policies established the main outlines of British policy over the following thirty years.
    • However, there is a thirty percent decrease in fluorescence intensity of the polymer.
    • On checking my bank statement last Friday, I discovered that I had a mere thirty pence to last me until payday at the end of July!
    • It has rained and blown a gale continuously now for over thirty hours!
    • About thirty or forty were injured, including more than a dozen elderly persons.
    • There were thirty or forty people there, which was an excellent turnout.
    • All thirty of them huddled by the fire, hoping to be shielded from the wicked wind.
    • But there is no doubt in my mind that people were happier thirty or forty years ago.
    • Typical notice periods are thirty, sixty and ninety days, although some are as short as seven days.
    • We stood, awkwardly for a full thirty seconds, before he seemed to jolt back to life.
    • There were four tents in all, three for the thirty male soldiers and one for the ten females.
    • He had no devoted readership and little chance of remaining in print for long, let alone being republished in thirty or forty years' time.
    • The human landscape of Europe has changed radically over the last thirty or so years.


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    (invariable adjective) treinta