Translation of thistle in Spanish:


cardo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθɪs(ə)l//ˈθɪsəl/


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    cardo masculine
    • In appearance, artichoke looks a bit like a thistle, though it is a member of the daisy family.
    • A large variety of shrubs have already been planted in the garden including thistles, dogrose, wild primulas and teasel.
    • Highly invasive thistles from Europe have widely hybridized in Australia.
    • Two years ago there were lovely flowers growing here and now, there's nothing but thistles and weeds.
    • The thistle is a biennial plant, and this one is in its first year, when it develops a deep taproot.
    • The flower heads are small and numerous compared to other thistles and the roots are extensive.
    • But just let it rain and the next thing I know I've got thistles out there with stems big as my wrist.
    • In the winter, Chukars feed primarily on seeds, cheatgrass, and thistles, switching to insects and green leaves in the summer.
    • Imagine that: in the middle of London, a meadow, wild with thistles and long grass and flowers, with a family of escaped rabbits running wild and an area of grass just big enough for a decent game of rounders.
    • These so-called host plants include many broadleaf weeds and cover crops such as nettles, mallow, chicory, dandelion, thistles, bindweed, deadly nightshade, and many clovers.
    • For instance, dock and beggarticks often indicate wet soil, while thistles and mullein indicate a dry soil.
    • Goldfinches enjoy eating the seeds of many meadow flowers including daisy, dandelion, and thistle.
    • It attacks the thistle's leaves and stem, forming orange-brown lumps called pustules.
    • Reveling in the sheer variety of natural forms, the photographer renders with equal finesse the undulating curves of dahlia blossoms and the bristling spikes of thistles and cacti.
    • Although these thin gloves may not hold up the best when you're doing tougher chores like pulling thistles or pruning rose bushes, they make a great addition to your gardening supply kit.
    • It's used to get rid of dandelions, thistles and ragweed and it kills by causing abnormal cell growth that interrupts the movement of liquids and nutrients in the plant.
    • There are several big holes in the grassy area around the playground, large stinging nettles and thistles, loose nuts and bolts on the park's railings and uneven ground.
    • It is a tall plant up to 3ft high and the flower head is just as prickly as a thistle.
    • The grass hasn't been mown for some time - it was knee high - and there were flowering thistles as well.
    • Did God create thorns and thistles, and poisonous plants?