Translation of thorny in Spanish:


espinoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈθɔːni//ˈθɔrni/


  • 1

    (plant) espinoso
    (plant) espinudo Chile
    (issue/problem) espinoso
    (problem/issue) peliagudo
    (problem/issue) espinudo Chile
    • She picked her way through the scattered broken branches and around the thorny brambles, trying to locate her friend.
    • And there's always that thorny question of what came before the big bang?
    • There's a big bush on the side of the track, something thorny - blackthorn?
    • We ended by pondering a thorny question: When should a nation fight against aggression?
    • The white blossom stands out against the black thorny branches.
    • For instance, this thorny bush was growing near the entrance to our dormitory.
    • My garden in Arizona is filled with strange succulent plants and small thorny trees with green trunks.
    • As time moved on, and in the process of looking for answers to difficult questions, the thorny issue of forgiveness cropped up.
    • It is a land that is difficult to grow anything in, except that flora which is tough, resourceful and thorny.
    • Later she addressed the thorny question of American independence from the mother country.
    • I begin my hike next to a rushing stream, picking my way through thorny bushes in search of the trail.
    • The thorny branches almost seemed to reach out and grab him with each step he took, ensnaring him in their grasp.
    • High walls, fences, thorny hedges and bushes can all put off burglars, but make sure the front of your home is visible to passers-by
    • The big question is whether or not Namibia will take the bull by the horns and address the thorny question of inheritance.
    • In an effort to deal with this thorny question, I will propose a method for discerning the elements of worship.
    • But in the UK, the important and thorny question of ethics is holding up research.
    • Only tough grasses and thorny tangle-bushes grew out there.
    • It made it harder for his sympathisers to dismiss the whole thorny question.
    • Companies today are now faced with the thorny question as to how they should spend their limited budgets.
    • He is the only scholar to date to tackle that thorny question.
    • I described how I'd had to climb up a steep and dangerous rock face to a thorny bramble bush on a narrow ledge, from where I could hear the cat meowing.
    • Whether to hold a diversified portfolio is one of those thorny questions that never fails to get a group of investors arguing.
    • It was this thorny question which bogged down the Saturday night delegates.
    • Yet all of these thorny questions will have to be addressed when inevitably he has a much smaller majority.
    • The problem of personal identity can be thorny and frustrating.
    • I must confess that on this thorny question of tobacco and alcohol sponsorship, I'd be a bit of a maverick.
    • The bark was extremely coarse and the branches were thorny and brittle.
    • Some species use twigs from thorny plants, making the nests difficult for predators to destroy.
    • Nearly all roses are well equipped with sharp thorns, and some are very thorny.
    • On my trip in Namibia, I watched from a blind amid the thorny scrub brush as a leopard crept up on a meal at sunset.
    • The thorny branches quickly entangled him, biting deeply into his skin.
    • Industry leaders met in Los Angeles Tuesday night for a seminar on the thorny problem of downloadable music.
    • Nests are built in cactuses or thorny vegetation or hanging from branches, and can be up to two meters long.
    • The plant itself is characterised by its long tapering sharp leaves with ribbed thorny ridges along the spine.
    • Ignoring the stones sticking into his knees, Jack carefully parted the thorny branches.
    • He addresses this thorny question in his third book on the science of belief.
    • We walked through thick thorny brushes, till we could go no further.
    • As the technology stands today, there's also the thorny question of deformed or reject clones.
    • Remove context and you remove the possibility of people thinking about awkward issues or raising thorny questions.
    • Difficult and thorny issues are resolved by intelligent listening.