Translation of thoroughfare in Spanish:


calle, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθərəˌfɛr//ˈθəroʊˌfɛr//ˈθʌrəfɛː/


  • 1literary

    calle feminine
    vía feminine
    • First Street, the old town's main thoroughfare, is pleasantly walkable.
    • Along with the tree, the main thoroughfare through Mountmellick will be a far brighter place, as rows of lights are strung all along the street.
    • Seb found himself a spot along the main thoroughfare and leaned up against the wall to watch the crowd.
    • Go left onto Broad Street, the town's main thoroughfare.
    • I was walking along one of the main thoroughfares of Glasgow's East End on a Saturday night a few weeks ago when I spied a pair of likely lads lurching towards me.
    • The oil-on-canvas scene captures the town's main thoroughfare when it was still a two-way street.
    • With energy, enthusiasm and many brushes they swept the accumulation of weekend litter from O'Connell Square and the main thoroughfare of the town.
    • Students with backpacks strapped on are crisscrossing Northwestern Avenue, the main thoroughfare through campus.
    • The main thoroughfare there is Midsummer Boulevard, or H6, if you prefer the totalitarian grid system peculiar to the area.
    • I walk back towards my lodgings on Broad Street, which is the main thoroughfare through town.
    • We wandered down the main thoroughfare and found ourselves on Desker Road, where some of our number insisted on seeing the back alley ‘sights’.
    • Diversion signs will be put in place well in advance of the closure of the section of road, which is one of the main thoroughfares in and out of the city.
    • Off most of the main bustling thoroughfares lie tiny cobbled streets draped with vines and lined with old brick facades.
    • The march passed through the town's main thoroughfares and ended outside the local press club.
    • 16th and 15th Streets are main thoroughfares, with little commercial activity - be cautious at night.
    • The pub is situated on the town's main thoroughfare and has street frontage of nearly 11 metres.
    • For many days of the week shoppers and visitors alike, coming to Ballyhaunis, find it increasingly difficult to obtain parking facilities on or near the town's main shopping thoroughfares.
    • The pedestrianised street is one of the main thoroughfares in the city and lends itself to street music and entertainment as well as thriving business.
    • Hundreds of children who arrived in the town were entertained by a disco in the square and street carnival along the main thoroughfare, with clowns and face painters on hand to add colour.
    • Street lights are now working on main thoroughfares.
  • 2

    (public road)
    vía pública feminine
    carretera feminine
    [ S ]no thoroughfare (in private road) prohibido el paso
    • By night the City Mall turns into a thoroughfare for people moving between the City's most popular nightspots.
    • The declining number of urban families with young children, as well as an increase in real and perceived social problems, complicate efforts to revitalize public thoroughfares such as alleys.
    • Although it could not be driven in a car, the route would steer cyclists off extremely busy roads and onto quiet thoroughfares and country lanes.
    • These will normally be major thoroughfares such as hallways, cloakrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen.
    • In particular, Dean Road and Manor Road are used as a green thoroughfare by residents and are perhaps more akin to urban parks.
    • This week work was under way to re-open the path and residents are hoping it will be a thoroughfare again by the weekend.