Translation of thoroughly in Spanish:


a fondo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈθʌrəli//ˈθəroʊli//ˈθərəli/


  • 1

    (clean/wash) a fondo
    (wash/clean) a conciencia
    (research) rigurosamente
    (research) meticulosamente
    (examine) minuciosamente
    (examine) meticulosamente
    (work) concienzudamente
    mix the ingredients thoroughly mezclar bien los ingredientes
    • Do not give the shih-tzu puppy the run of the house until he has been thoroughly house trained.
    • He proceeded to thoroughly search everything on me, including my wallet and even the battery casing of my phone.
    • A possible route from Alice Street to the railway station has been thoroughly searched without gain.
    • This involved thoroughly cleaning the house, rather a lot of food preparation and blowing up about twenty balloons.
    • All four tyres on the car were changed, the carpet was taken out of the boot and he was spotted cleaning the car thoroughly.
    • I do this until every muscle fiber in the biceps complex has been thoroughly fatigued.
    • Houses and shops are thoroughly cleaned to make a fresh new start and to host holiday visitors.
    • Everyone followed him and spilt up, searching the entire island thoroughly.
    • Then his bag was thoroughly searched, with each bottle of pills being examined, shaken and replaced.
    • Instead, try short angled casts along the near bank, lengthening each cast to thoroughly search the margins.
    • We've cleaned the car thoroughly so it's ready for the wedding, and we've made some progress in the front room.
    • To use as a compress, dip an entire washcloth in the thoroughly chilled tea until soaked.
    • It is important for all parties to have the opportunity to debate all legislation thoroughly in this House.
    • Although he had already prepared thoroughly, he cleaned and checked his revolver one last time before loading it.
    • Most of the mess is caused by fast food and cans of drink, but we all pay enough tax to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned at least occasionally.
    • Dirt and cobwebs on equipment and floors suggested the premises had not been cleaned thoroughly for months.
    • Make sure that every surface of the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly at least once a month.
    • Make sure all food is properly and thoroughly cooked in sanitary conditions.
    • This surprised him because he really wants to sell the house and felt he had prepared for the process quite thoroughly.
    • I searched the whole village thoroughly and once I had done that I came back to the demolished gate.
  • 2

    (understand) perfectamente
    I thoroughly agree estoy completamente / absolutamente de acuerdo
    • we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves nos divertimos muchísimo
    • they seem thoroughly fed up parecen estar verdaderamente / absolutamente hartos
    • she's thoroughly unpleasant es de lo más desagradable
    • he's thoroughly honest es honrado a carta cabal
    • This album is so thoroughly unhip that enjoying it almost feels like a subversive act.
    • It's a thoroughly ill-conceived picture full of plot twists that have absolutely no rhyme nor reason.
    • Having thoroughly enjoyed this clever book, I find that it is the little episodes that I'll remember.
    • These are people behaving in a thoroughly anti-social manner.
    • He's an absolute scream and thoroughly deserves his best actor award.
    • All the participants thoroughly enjoyed the walk on the famed Pilgrim Path.
    • Anyone who, like me, likes wild speeches about interesting things, will thoroughly enjoy this book.
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the different displays of clothes and costumes.
    • I managed around 52 hours in London in total, and thoroughly enjoyed them all.
    • It was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all members who participated.
    • We paid a modest sum and thoroughly enjoyed their fourth performance.
    • Although Matthew described the auditions as a bit scary, he is thoroughly enjoying the extensive rehearsals.
    • My father thoroughly enjoyed his fillet of salmon en croute, finishing off the whole plate.
    • We are told it was a tremendous success, and thoroughly enjoyed by the members and their friends.
    • I thoroughly enjoy what I do and if I'm allowed to get on with building the business I'm quite happy.
    • This is absolutely nothing to do with me and is thoroughly annoying.
    • While he may have been completely stunned, it was an award thoroughly deserved.
    • Although windy, the weather stayed dry and all the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
    • I played badminton with Angela and Anita, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    • Although immensely stressful, she thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of her wedding preparation.