Translation of thought transference in Spanish:

thought transference

transmisión del pensamiento, n.


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    transmisión del pensamiento feminine
    • Can I ask you if you have, in your experience, encountered people who were not necessarily exhibiting thought transference, but might well have been psychotic?
    • There are several differing views which can be brought to bear as an ‘explanation’, and thought transference is an obvious one.
    • Evidence that people can communicate with each other using thought transference has emerged from ground-breaking research in Scotland, it was claimed last night.
    • The first major experimental work on thought transference conducted by the Society for Psychical Research focused on the supposed abilities of the Creery sisters, who were caught using a code to fraudulently produce the effects.
    • They do not possess language, communicating simply through thought transference, and they have not sublimated the primitive desires for self-gratification.
    • This also explains why he holds the bizarre notion that mind control is accomplished through telepathic thought transference.
    • Alongside this, Ferenczi was fascinated by contemporary experiments in thought transference and other occult activities, hoping that they might provide useful tools for psychoanalysis.