Translation of thread in Spanish:


hilo, n.

Pronunciation: /θrɛd//θrɛd/


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    (filament) hilo masculine
    (length) hebra feminine
    (length) hilo masculine
    a spool of thread un carrete de hilo
    • I need a longer thread necesito una hebra más larga / un hilo más largo
    • with double thread con hilo doble
    • you have a thread hanging te cuelga un hilo / una hilacha
    • to hang by a thread pender de un hilo
    • These threads are woven into textile yarns to produce sacks, carpet base, mats, rope and twine and many other materials.
    • I smiled and picked at a loose thread on the comforter.
    • A seven-year-old girl in the village, for example, already knows how to operate the loom and how to weave the threads.
    • The superfine finish is so supple, lustrous and perfect that the mats look like they have been woven from silk threads.
    • Sometimes the threads are woven inaccurately, need to be pulled, and the section started again.
    • With the other hand he picked at a loose thread in the old quilt.
    • Iraq is also famous for its carpets, woven from fine threads in brilliant colors.
    • My own coat was still draped over the chair by the door, but even from where I stood I could see loose threads dangling from the seams.
    • Woven gauzes are manufactured from cotton yam or threads and woven like fabric.
    • You can also use textured-nylon or polyester threads on a conventional sewing machine.
    • Asbestos is the name of a group of minerals that occur naturally as masses of strong, flexible fibers that can be separated into thin threads and woven.
    • Weave the threads of all customer interactions into a unified portrait of your customer.
    • Many framers use a cotton thread with just enough tensile strength to effectively hold the item, but not too much to cause damage.
    • To finish off the thread ends, tie the threads and weave them back into the hem.
    • Most carpets are woven on a vertical loom, so that the threads which emerge from the knots hang downwards towards the end where the weaving started, and these loops are cut to form the pile.
    • Up close, her process of dyeing and then weaving the newly colored threads on a loom became more evident.
    • Each time you return to the puzzle, you pick up the same threads and weave a different cloth.
    • He worries a loose thread on my shirt between his fingertips.
    • Simeon was silent for a moment, picking a loose thread on the plain white cotton sheets.
    • She sighed and let her hands rest on her lap, her fingers absently playing with a loose thread of cotton.
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    (strand, sequence)
    hilo masculine
    to follow the thread of a plot/conversation seguir el hilo de una trama/conversación
    • to lose the thread perder el hilo
    • (of story, plot) to pick / take up the thread(s) of sth retomar el hilo de algo
    • he tried to pick up the threads of his former life trató de rehacer su vida
    • (of story, life) to gather up the threads atar cabos sueltos
    • No, he didn't say any of that, he just sent us a link to the discussion thread.
    • One of the unexpected benefits of posting the article to a newsgroup was that a thread developed on the subject of competition on the London to Manchester route.
    • If you have any problems that aren't resolved here, then you can post on the forum thread by clicking here
    • Since discussion threads are linked to individual news items or essays, discussions are quite limited temporally.
    • I know there are other threads on this subject, but they are more specific in nature.
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    (linked messages)
    hilo masculine
    • All processes are considered threads by the operating system.
    • A processor equipped with thread-level parallelism can execute completely separate threads of code.
    • It solves the performance problem by executing all requests as threads in one process, or in a load-balanced system, in one process per server in the cluster.
    • The dual-core processors that can process several computational threads at the same time very often push us towards this working algorithm.
    • Multiple streams of data are characteristic of applications which execute multiple threads and processes in parallel.
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    (of screw)
    rosca feminine
    filete masculine
    • Standards for threads and bolt sizes were only a part of the problem, however.
    • She took a standard coffee pot and put a perforated cylinder - similar to a sieve - in the middle, into which she put a plunger on a screw thread.
    • A gouge auger is similar, but instead of a screw thread there is a sharp-ended tube with a slot cut in the side.
    • Cadmium plating or the use of anti-galling paints are effective in preventing seizure of bolt threads.
    • This can be done either by putting a screw thread of the correct pitch on the barrel's axle or, more often, by shifting a lever.
  • 5threads pl

    (masculine plural) trapos informal
    (feminine plural) pilchas Southern Cone informal
    • Whether you're at the office or the coolest club in town, you'll need the threads to make you the man of the winter hour.
    • Whether you pile your clothes on your chair or hang up any shirt on any hanger, these tips will help your favorite threads last.
    • Besides, what's the point of wearing the coolest threads of the season if your jacket doesn't say it all?
    • Wear it with jeans and your other trendy threads.
    • Next, I suggest you make an effort to drag him along when you go shopping, and occasionally treat him to some fashionable threads.
    • Instead, they look for classic threads that are comfortable and of superior quality.
    • I know you're looking forward to showing off your newest spring threads at the office and on weekends, but the right jacket can take your look to a whole new level.
    • When it comes to shopping for vintage threads, the place to do it is online.
    • I'd love to dress up in the latest threads from designer brands, but I'm a student and just cannot afford it.
    • Now it's your job to find high-quality threads in classic styles.
    • They'll usually purchase several trendy pieces every season and then match them with more classic threads.
    • The new womenswear and menswear designer emporiums showcase threads from cutting edge houses, but you can still buy tartan shortbread in the food hall.
    • Anybody have a place to get cool threads on the net?
    • So maybe you don't have the perfect body, perfect hair or perfect threads but who does?
    • If you're the guy with the most stylish threads, the ladies will be falling head over heels.
    • We'd love to stay outdoors all the time, run off on adventurous weekend trips, and shop for new threads and sandals.
    • Remember; you are never forced to buy anything you try on, so don't feel guilty about trying on different threads.
    • Going out may seem like a drag when you don't know what to wear, but we have the threads to help you look like you own the place.
    • Shopping for threads is more like a chore - most guys do it out of necessity.
    • The thing is, you can purchase all the brand-name items you like, but if you roll in and out of bed at the start and end of the day, then no one will really notice your stylish threads.

transitive verb

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    (sewing machine/needle) enhebrar
    (bead) ensartar
    to thread sth onto sth ensartar algo en algo
    • to thread sth through sth pasar algo por algo
    • he threaded his shoelaces wrong (se) acordonó mal los zapatos
    • to thread one's way abrirse paso
    • she threaded her way through the crowd/between the tables se abrió paso entre la multitud/por entre las mesas
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    (screw/pipe) roscar