Translation of threat in Spanish:


amenaza, n.

Pronunciation /θrɛt//θrɛt/


  • 1

    (menace, warning)
    amenaza feminine
    to make a threat against sb amenazar a algn
    • obtaining money with threats obtener dinero mediante intimidación / amenazas
    • death threat amenaza de muerte
    • She would not say what the nature of the threats was, but she did confirm they were not death threats.
    • The conviction makes clear the fact that this offence can be committed by threats, as well as by the use of violence.
    • Sikh elders have appealed to the community and asked that the death threats be withdrawn.
    • I began to receive various threats, which included reporting me to the Law Society.
    • He claims to have received death threats, says his home was attacked and his fast-food van was petrol bombed.
    • It was not as if she was trying to escape from an immediate threat of violence to her.
    • There was yelling and posturing, but no threats of violence or physical contact.
    • I can stop this only if you are willing to talk to me calmly and sort out everything without threats.
    • He also admitted a further charge of making a threat to destroy or damage her home.
    • He was alleged to have forced the complainant by violence or threats to engage in sexual activity with him.
    • The inspectors had received repeated death threats from landlords who objected to government inspections.
    • There have been claims the players want to withdraw from the controversial fixture after receiving death threats.
    • The difficulty is to distinguish between a threat and a warning or mere advice.
    • Her attendance at court had to be secured by a witness summons and a threat of arrest.
    • So she tried suicide threats, guilt trips, manipulation, and even death threats.
    • It is the type of threat that the deceased received from the accused until shortly before her death.
    • After appearing on the programme he was subjected to a series of death threats.
    • The row occurred because of the claimant's complaint about the barking dog and his threats to take action about it.
    • Death threats, police escorts and a lifetime of shame are sadly the result of his honest mistake.
    • We interpreted the letter as a threat to sue, and we believe it was meant to be such a threat.
    • Indeed, there was some evidence in this case that he had made threats of harm to others.
    • Death threats sent by others are being taken seriously as intent to kill the men on their release.
    • His house is under constant surveillance and he has received numerous death threats.
    • The former civil servant has endured beatings, solitary confinement and death threats while in prison.
    • Both had made death threats against her before her desperate flight from the murder scene.
  • 2

    amenaza feminine
    the nuclear threat la amenaza nuclear
    • this constitutes a threat to public health esto constituye una amenaza para la salud de la población
    • The home secretary says those who are to be held under house arrest represent a serious threat to national security.
    • Any nation faced with a major threat to its security and way of life is entitled to take steps to protect itself.
    • Magistrates said the pub had caused a public nuisance and was likely to cause a threat to public safety in the future.
    • Knowledge that a stress is likely to occur constitutes a threat to the individual.
    • He was soon to be king, and I was a dangerous threat to his people, yet he didn't want me captured.
    • The bird excrement is highly toxic, bio-hazardous and poses a serious threat to humans.
    • The men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been described as a serious threat to national security.
    • That poses a big threat to us all and makes the world a very dangerous place.
    • Unless he was posing a genuine threat to our security, it would be illegal to attack.
    • Prison bosses became concerned that there could be other activities that could pose a threat to jail security.
    • Normally calm and measured people will go red at the mention of his name and tell you that he is a dangerous threat to liberty.
    • These boys are dangerous, you know, and a threat to the moral well-being of all our children.
    • This very likely outcome posed a serious threat to Italian moderate public opinion.
    • Criticising students and putting them under pressure is seen to be a dangerous threat to their sense of self.
    • We need to focus our attention on where the next threat to our collective security will come from.
    • Assuming she stays free of injury, the long jump is likely to be the main threat to her quintuple ambition.
    • The irony is that if there is a threat to Australia, it will most likely come from our region.
    • Diabetes is likely to remain a huge threat to public health in the years to come.
    • I was kept confined in a room the whole time and one officer even suggested that I was dangerous and a threat to him.
    • What do you consider to be the main threat to the future peace and security of the world?