Translation of three in Spanish:


tres, n.

Pronunciation /θri//θriː/


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    tres masculine
    see also four
    • He dribbled past three French players, before rounding the goalkeeper to score.
    • For three days and nights Florence will be buzzing with ideas and activity.
    • Indeed, he has won medals at the past three Olympics, the only Great Britain athlete to have done so.
    • They have put in an amount of hard work over the past three years with nothing to show for it.
    • He has experimented with it and applied it well during the past three years in India.
    • As I was speaking to her on the phone, three people walked past my flat carrying a mattress.
    • Without a word they line up into three rows to monopolize half the pool.
    • In the recent past at least three large houses in the road have been given permission for redevelopment as flats.
    • It is understood that an inspector visited the school three times in the past year.
    • My husband has managed to frighten away burglars on two occasions in the past three years.
    • Children up to the age of three are admitted free, while those from three to 14 pay half the adult price.
    • In all, what would normally be about a 45-minute journey took three and a half hours.
    • One of our group had told his boss he was working from home during the past three days.
    • Vintage champagne must be aged for at least three years before it can be sold, although most is aged for much longer.
    • But meanwhile the nightmare that had haunted them for the past three years had come true.
    • The team operates a rota system and on any night there will be three members of staff on duty who will be on hand to help people in crisis.
    • Growers have yet to recover the sale proceeds from sugar mills for the past three years.
    • He has been one of Britain's top jockeys for the past two to three years.
    • I watched powerlessly as three buses zoomed past until a bus with room for me stopped.
    • It has been three and a half centuries since England last had an official jester.


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    (invariable adjective) tres
    see also four