Translation of three-ring circus in Spanish:

three-ring circus

circo de tres pistas, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈθri ˌrɪŋ ˈsərkəs/


  • 1US

    circo de tres pistas masculine
  • 2informal

    (chaotic situation)
    jaleo masculine informal
    caos masculine
    • He has a good article on why the commission hearings should have been private and discreet, rather than the three-ring circus we have now.
    • The band are showmen with no gimmicks outside of their songs: all they have is a three-ring circus within each tune to keep you occupied, enough musicians for three bands, and enough ideas for 30.
    • As various track and field events vie for attention, athletics meets can sometimes seem like a three-ring circus.
    • She seemed bemused by the star's decision not to turn her wedding into a three-ring circus but to go for something quiet with a few guests and no helicopters full of long lenses flying overhead.
    • She has directed with consummate skill and sass, able to keep in clear focus what is sometimes a three-ring circus.
    • A talented designer knows how to selectively insert graphics into a Web page to enhance and give greater meaning to the copy without it looking like a three-ring circus.
    • He seemed a little bit wary of the three-ring circus he had unknowingly walked into.
    • Whenever an election turns into a three-ring circus, I cast my baleful eye upon the proceedings and wonder what's really going on.
    • At 7: 30 this morning, when the subway is typically and rightfully sleeping, it was more like a three-ring circus.
    • I never meant to get involved in the three-ring circus of the Human Genome Project.
    • If you live in New York or if you've ever visited New York, you know that every subway station has the potential to be a three-ring circus.
    • She was, and is, witty and talkative, the ringleader of the three-ring circus round our table when I was growing up.
    • This is a three-ring circus that may well turn into a witch hunt, with pitchforks and torches available at the concession stands.
    • This campaign is a three-ring circus and it's mostly his fault.
    • Of course the whole luggage unloading process was a three-ring circus that held the train up about 30 minutes, so we were not surprised.
    • Cannes may appear to be a three-ring circus of high art, low commerce and relentless self - promotion, but underneath the red carpet premieres and parties it is an irresistible celebration of the best in world cinema.
    • ‘It truly is a three-ring circus in here,’ says Pollock, shouting directives to couriers between phrases, as Youn scrambles through faxes and emails.
    • The film is a three-ring circus, disjointed and somewhat confusing.
    • So it's become a three-ring circus in terms of lawsuits.
    • With the constant three-ring circus, and mutual negotiations now far behind, a solution does not seem likely in the near future.