Translation of thrill in Spanish:


Pronunciation /θrɪl//θrɪl/


  • 1

    (tremor, wave)
    he felt a thrill of fear se estremeció de miedo
    • just thinking about it sent a thrill down his spine se estremecía de solo pensarlo
    • When he gently squeezed her left arm, the electric thrill surged through her again, just as strongly as before.
    • At points it hugs the very edge of the rim, giving me a nervous thrill.
    • But most of all I'm getting thrills of emotions that I haven't felt for such a long time, that I'd almost forgotten.
    • He grins as his body trembles with the thrill of true fear, the first he's felt since he faced the Masks.
    • The thought of seeing him again causes a little thrill of nervousness.
    • I felt an immense thrill rush, hoping he had finally taken a good look at my captor's feet.
    • Risk is not a necessary requirement for sensation-seeking, although it does intensify the thrill for a high sensation-seeker.
    • His lips moved up her neck in a light fashion and gave her an uncomfortable thrill such that she shuddered.
    • It often takes a sensation to create a thrill or terror, to take us beyond simple awareness to a throbbingly self-conscious recognition of the new.
    • This detected the sensation of thrill through real-time sampling and analysis of physiological reactions.
    • Many people practice this type of exhibitionism to get a thrill or a rush from it.
    • The emphasis of her words doesn't escape Jem, and he suddenly feels a thrill of nervousness.
    • Without knowing it, he touched his cheek where her lips had been only moments before and felt a thrill rush through him.
    • The thrill starts with the phone call, then the nervous anticipation when you arrive, then that moment when, if she has a maid, the door opens and you see her for the first time.
    • Her body ached sweetly with the memories of the previous night's dream and the sensation of the sheets brushing over her skin sent small thrills through her.
    • ‘He is just the right height for me,’ she thought, feeling a thrill of happiness surging through her.
    • A familiar thrill rushed through me as I took everything in.
    • These people don't come to the Dales to enjoy the scenery, since they don't linger long enough to enjoy it; they just come for cheap thrills and adrenaline rushes.
    • Hikari knew the striking thrill of emotion before she could even think about it.
    • The game delivers an exhilarating thrill ride down huge wave faces and into barreling tubes, allowing gamers to pull off unbelievable moves.
  • 2

    all the thrills and spills of Formula One racing todas las emociones de las carreras de Fórmula Uno
    • meeting her was a real thrill fue verdaderamente emocionante conocerla
    • what a thrill! ¡qué emoción!
    • he gets a thrill out of the kids' enjoyment él goza con que los niños disfruten
    • he got a cheap thrill out of spying on them se excitaba / se regodeaba espiándolos
    • The thrill and sheer experience of Rome is very distinctive and unique.
    • So it was a thrill to hear from Jed, who'd come across my name on the Web and wanted to get in touch.
    • The third match between India and Sri Lanka in the aiwa Cup gave all these thrills, excitement and jubilation, to millions of cricket fans all over the world.
    • Even when it came, the first 0-0 draw of the World Cup between world champions France and Uruguay, was full of thrills, drama and excitement.
    • The sheer thrill and enjoyment they took from the game is something that will live with me.
    • It was kind of a thrill to ride the wave of negativity that 800 people can generate.
    • The fight hadn't solved any problems, but its continued existence, a familiar sensation from my former life, was a thrill.
    • We receive just the right amount of thrills and whiteknuckled excitement, and enough time in between to enjoy the scenery and laugh and have a great time.
    • They were delighted someone they knew had won the award, and no doubt their excitement gave Rhonda a thrill too.
    • For the growing tribe of philatelists in the city, stamp collection provides a window to the world with all the thrills and pleasures of an educative and fascinating hobby.
    • The school team served up some excellent displays of football and provided their supporters with lots of thrills and excitement.
    • He felt the thrill and excitement tingle up his back and he gave a small shiver, stepping closer to her.
    • Listening to good English can provide a real thrill of pleasure.
    • I still recall with delight the thrill of watching him learn to scoot around on the floor.
    • They were a family like us doing something that families like us do: enjoying the thrill of fleeing the spray from the big waves that break against the sea wall in stormy conditions.
    • But what of the thrills and heart-pounding excitement that were so much a part of her days in the player's game?
    • It was a call that sent a thrill of genuine excitement down the spine of every weary hack sitting there wondering whether the post-election day was ever going to end.
    • For though it's a challenge, it's a rewarding one, and the thrill and pleasure of coasting down the other side more than makes up for the hour spent pedalling in earnest to reach the peak.
    • I mean, it's usually a thrill to hear what readers think, and to see that I've made some connection across the ether.
    • That experience was a thrill for me, especially when he commented that I caught on rather quickly to things that had taken him most of his childhood to master.
    • It would also be a thrill to hear that squall of feedback at every public occasion where a national anthem is required.
    • But again, the biggest thrill of my day is surfing great waves in Baja in places that I've helped save.
    • Three enterprising Killorglin students were treated to the thrill of a lifetime last Wednesday thanks to generous business tycoon Bill Cullen.
    • ‘She was quite prepared to look to the defendant for excitement and sexual thrills,’ said Judge Stokes.
    • Listening to Scott's deep pride and simple joy as she described her Olympic experience was a thrill.
    • I can honestly say that I felt a little thrill of excitement.
    • I felt a thrill of excitement as I floated weightless, suspended over the void.
    • The thought sent a delightful thrill through her, making her loins tingle with an anticipation of shared pleasure.
    • The brooding, slow-building suspense of the Japanese original, Ring, has been replaced with cheap thrills that make you jump not because they're actually scary but because they come as a surprise.
    • TWO days of sporting thrills will kick off in Bolton tomorrow morning with the start of the Greater Manchester Youth Games.
    • Tell us, do you seek the thrill rides at the amusement park or is the carousel more your speed?
    • As an author, it was a thrill to create emotion in an audience.
    • He has brought with him a support team of 60 people as well as props that fill seven trucks, Gallup promised Chinese audiences two hours of excitement and thrills.

transitive verb

  • 1

    it thrilled me to think that ... me emocionaba pensar que ...
    • the prospect doesn't exactly thrill me la verdad es que la perspectiva no me entusiasma

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to thrill to sth estremecerse con algo