Translation of thrilling in Spanish:


emocionante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈθrɪlɪŋ//ˈθrɪlɪŋ/


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    how thrilling! ¡qué emocionante!
    • It's thrilling to be a participant in making music like that.
    • It was a thrilling experience to see the boats afloat over the stream.
    • No matter how far away I am from the stage, though, I find going to opera is a thrilling experience.
    • The first few days of being away from them and the rest of the family were thrilling.
    • Every minute of the included material is thrilling.
    • The thrilling high jinks of last weekend had the crowd anticipating similarly spectacular bursts of action.
    • Book your program reservations in advance to ensure your own thrilling dolphin encounter.
    • I just thought it was thrilling to watch it.
    • It was certainly quite thrilling to be in the Queen's Honours List.
    • Their battle in April was one of the more thrilling heavyweight title fights of recent memory.
    • Gades and company give intense performances of intricate grace, stunning beauty and thrilling machismo.
    • Hawthorn have ended a miserable week with an agonising 12-point defeat to Carlton in a thrilling encounter at Docklands in Melbourne.
    • The next 10 weeks would be the most exasperating and thrilling of my entire journalistic career.
    • However, reading the book was nowhere near as thrilling as meeting the author proved to be!
    • Seeing one fly overhead is a thrilling experience.
    • It was thrilling to be a part of it, then disappointing to be left out.
    • The medley relays brought events in the pool to a thrilling climax.
    • While the results to date haven't been financially thrilling, all it took me to get going was $1,000, which was reasonable.
    • The prospect of playing in the National League is thrilling, but also very daunting.
    • On their final day of school before the Easter break, the active under fives joined the Easter bunny in a thrilling egg hunt.