Translation of throb in Spanish:


latir con fuerza, v.

Pronunciation /θrɒb//θrɑb/

intransitive verbthrobbing, throbbed

  • 1

    (pulsate, vibrate)
    (pulse/heart) latir con fuerza
    (engine) vibrar
    the city throbs with life la ciudad vibra de actividad
  • 2

    (with pain)
    his leg was throbbing tenía un dolor punzante en la pierna
    • my head is throbbing me va a estallar la cabeza


  • 1

    (of engine) vibración feminine
    (of heart) latido masculine
    • His blood throbbed the throb of a deep drum; he tensed himself to strike.
    • He could feel its palpitations and hear the insistent throb of blood in his veins.
    • Sometimes the tape threatens to break up under the accumulated weight of Masuko's bass drum and the low throb of Fujii's synth.
    • Ease on in to the cool interior and the steady throb of the reggae beat tells you that you are in Marley Country.
    • The hum of high-powered machinery enveloped him instantly, the throb of massive generators pulsing through the room.
    • She let out a sigh of relief as she felt the comforting throb of Sasaki's pulse in her fingers combined with her shallow breathing.
    • She listened to her heartbeat as it thudded in her chest, and she felt the throb of Jason's heart beating through his chest as he lay against her.
    • The only sound that filled the room was a high-pitched throb.
    • In the distance, you hear the throb of drums from a workshop or a spontaneous drum-jam.
    • Slowly, a rhythm grew inside my bosom, resulting in a pulsating throb of emotion from the bow to the instrument.
    • The town is really just three main streets, South Street and Market Street and North Street, and about them bubbles a decorous throb of industriousness.
    • As they drove along in silence, the sound of the wipers and the throb of the engine the only real sounds on this Sunday night, Karen waited for something from Roger.
    • There is a throb of constant excitement, an irrepressible energy as palpable as the tangled screech of a bird chorus in the wash, glow and lightness before sunrise.
    • How many Pagans are solitary because they can't handle the constant throb and beat and intrusion?
    • Occasionally the drumline rides on a steady electronic throb, but that's it.
    • Surrounded by dozens, she danced alone, eyes closed, her body feeling the pounding throb of the relentless bass beat.
    • So it was that the faint throb of a boat engine and then the definite sound of contact between craft and rock resounded from the cliffs, reaching those on shore.
    • A throb came to their ears, emanating from the ship's engines.
    • The riff is undeniable and the bass throb is sleazy, but it would sound like hell worked into a DJ set.
    • Check out the Kraftwerk-like throb and distanced lyricism of March, the second movement of Phil Kline's The Blue Room and Other Stories.
  • 2

    (of wound, headache)
    dolor punzante masculine
    • I reached out and poked it only to be rewarded with a throb of pain.
    • Ignore the steady throb in your rapidly-swelling ankle, and the tearing pain in your knee.
    • A distant throb ached in my head and I pressed the heels of my palms against my eyes; trying to drive out the shrillness in Niko's voice as he continued to yell across the field.
    • It doesn't hurt as much as throb and that sensitive pain when I eat something hot or cold.
    • He forced himself onto his knees, ignoring the dull throb of pain that threatened to flare up any second and crawled a few inches, feeling the air blindly in front of him, before stopping to listen.
    • The pain in my arm had subsided to a dull throb and we both fell asleep straight away, completely exhausted.
    • He had the pain under better control now; it was still there, but as a steady dull throb.
    • Raven was about to respond scathingly but her wrist give an extra painful throb.
    • The dull throb of joint pain and her increasing inability to make sense of the goings-on around her, kept her in one spot more and more.
    • I still had all my indistinctive cuts, and the pulsating throb on my arm, beautiful quivering under the pressure of the gauze, wasn't helping much.
    • It was not a blind, stabbing pain, but just a throb and a twinge.
    • My eyes glued shut when I coughed and as I did so, a huge throb of pain went to my head again.
    • I contemplated sitting up, but a throb of pain from my shoulder threw that idea out the window.
    • As if in agreement, her arm gave another painful throb.
    • The excited rhythm… overwhelms the pulsing throb of my headache".
    • The dull pain, not even a throb, just a constant, nagging ache, seems to be inside your body, deep inside, rattling your bones, if that were possible.
    • A white-hot throb of pain lanced through his leg, from ankle to knee.
    • But the house standing behind me and a throb of pain in my hand wouldn't let me move.
    • Then a pulsing throb like the beginnings of a migraine started deep in my temples.
    • Perhaps it was the dull throb of pain or the tyre mark on my shoe that put me in a particularly vicious mood.