Translation of throne in Spanish:


trono, n.

Pronunciation: /θroʊn//θrəʊn/


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    trono masculine
    to be on/come to / ascend the throne ocupar el/subir / ascender al trono
    • the Swedish throne la corona sueca
    • he remains the power behind the throne sigue siendo quien detenta realmente el poder
    • before noun throne room salón del trono
    • Splayed backs also feature prominently on the coronation thrones made for George III and Queen Charlotte in 1760.
    • Angelique yawned and shifted sideways in the throne for comfort, lifting her legs over the right arm rest.
    • A large and very ornate throne sat on the far wall, but no one occupied it.
    • What everybody forgot was that, with no Empress or heirs to the throne, there was a distinct power void.
    • Seat your deity on the velvet thrones garnished with the traditional karigari.
    • Hard as it may be for the sort of people who sit on thrones at their weddings to comprehend, it isn't always all about you.
    • Let me suggest that for William, heir to the throne, the monarchy is a Gordian knot whose time for cutting is well overdue.
    • And I confer upon you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.
    • Someone (who will remain nameless) thinks Charles should abdicate the British throne and come out here instead.
    • Just because she had a direct line to the throne and its power, she was dotted over and swarmed with flattery and adoration.
    • Henry was recognised as heir to the French throne and regent of France.
    • Their resemblance to thrones is an ironic reflection of the violent bases of power.
    • To usurp is to wrongfully assume power or the throne, to encroach upon something.
    • Leaders come and go, but the power is behind the throne.
    • In the throne speech amendment, you agreed to hold a vote on missile defense.
    • The doors led into a large throne room, decorated with marble pillars and stained glass windows.
    • Its throne room, edict room, and imperial apartments still remain as a monument preserving the dream world of mandarin China.
    • Their thrones are placed at the gate of the capital city of Israel, a space that was once occupied by a threshing floor prior to the construction of Samaria.
    • Sophia's son ascended the British throne as George I, the first of the Hanoverian kings.
    • By law females are ineligible to succeed to the Imperial throne.
    • He came to the throne of the Frankish kingdom in 771 and ruled until 814.
    • He was seated on his throne in a ceremonial Osiris-like pose, but his eyes betrayed his curiosity.
    • Out of the shadows behind the gilded throne seat stepped a familiar figure.
    • The Knossos throne room has a magnificent throne flanked by wall paintings showing griffins and projects an image of divine power.
    • To the right of St Edward's chair was another chair of state in which the King was to sit during the sermon, and opposite this on the north side of the chancel were the purple thrones of the bishops.
    • Two massive golden thrones sat in the center of one end of the enormous room.
    • They are the powers around the throne, and often they know their own importance.
    • When his friend took over the Papal throne, Galileo thought he would finally find a sympathetic ear.
    • There were several seats on either side of the throne, and eight chairs had been placed in a semicircle opposite it.
    • He is mentioned almost weekly as the heir apparent to some imminently vacant throne.
    • The Holy Spirit advocates Jesus' case and cause to us just as Jesus advocates ours in the heavenly throne room.
    • Although a comfortable-looking row of chairs sat facing the throne, he did not take a seat.
    • The Throne's many pieces are arranged symmetrically on either side of a main throne chair.
    • The throne room of Nebuchadnezzar shows some signs of Greek influence in design.
    • Prominent features will be four thrones carved from rock and placed on an axis representing north, south, east and west.
    • Greek inscriptions covering the backs of the thrones command Antiochus' people to process up the mountain on the anniversaries of his birth and coronation to make sacrificial offerings on the altar in front of him.
    • The royal couple left the Netherlands to ascend the British throne in 1689.
    • Born in Scotland, he moved to England in 1604 after his father ascended the English throne.
    • He has never renounced his claim to the throne of a kingdom which no longer exists.
    • But behind the scenes, the powers around the throne understood who they were dealing with.
    • His mysterious death in Naples in 1495 ended European hopes of placing a sympathetic figure on the Ottoman throne.
    • When he abdicated his throne, the Princes were each given their own fiefdoms.
    • Approach the throne of God with an open, expectant heart.