Translation of through in Spanish:


por, prep

Pronunciation /θruː//θru/


  • 1

    • 1.1(from one side to the other)

      she came in through the door entró por la puerta
      • look through the window mira por la ventana
      • it fell through that hole se cayó por ese agujero
      • it went right through the wall atravesó la pared de lado a lado
      • the current flows through the circuit la corriente fluye a través del circuito
      • to hear/feel sth through sth oír/sentir algo a través de algo
      • she peered through the keyhole miró por el agujero de la cerradura
      • he was shot through the head le pegaron un balazo en la cabeza
      • he was unable to breathe through his nose no podía respirar por la nariz
      • the truck crashed through the barrier el camión se llevó la barrera por delante
      • they struggled on through the crowd siguieron abriéndose paso entre la multitud
      • the chair flew through the air la silla voló por los aires
      • he strolled through the town center paseó por el centro de la ciudad
      • we drove through Munich atravesamos Munich
      • we sailed through the Suez Canal pasamos por el Canal de Suez
      • we searched through her belongings registramos sus pertenencias
      • she glanced through the magazine hojeó la revista

    • 1.2(past, beyond)

      to be through sth haber pasado algo
      • we're through the preliminary stages already ya hemos pasado las fases iniciales

  • 2

    • 2.1(in time)

      we worked through the night trabajamos durante toda la noche
      • she won't live through the night de esta noche no pasa
      • she slept through the entire lecture durmió durante toda la conferencia
      • half-way through his speech cuando iba (or vaya etc.) por la mitad del discurso
      • she helped him through a difficult period le ayudó a superar un período difícil
      • after everything we've been through together después de todo lo que hemos pasado juntos
      • through the centuries a través de los siglos
      • I can't sit through another two-hour sermon no puedo aguantar otro sermón de dos horas

    • 2.2US (until and including)

      Tuesday through Thursday I stay in New York de martes a jueves me quedo en Nueva York
      • offer good through May 31 oferta válida hasta el 31 de mayo
      • October through December desde octubre hasta diciembre inclusive

  • 3

    she spoke through an interpreter habló a través de un intérprete
    • I heard about it through a friend me enteré a través de / por un amigo
    • through his help I eventually found an apartment gracias a su ayuda / mediante su ayuda finalmente encontré un apartamento
    • through no fault of her own sin tener culpa alguna
    • it happened through carelessness ocurrió por falta de cuidado


  • 1

    (from one side to the other)
    come through, please! ¡pasen, por favor!
    • the train sped through without stopping el tren pasó a toda velocidad sin parar
    • he barged through pasó dando empujones
    • we're just traveling through estamos de paso
    • the sun came through salió el sol
    • the red paint shows through se nota la pintura roja que hay debajo
  • 2

    (in time, process)
    we worked through without a break trabajamos sin parar para descansar
    • she's never played the piece through nunca ha tocado toda la pieza (desde el principio hasta el final)
    • all night through durante toda la noche
  • 3

    • 3.1(completely)

      wet/soaked through mojado/calado hasta los huesos


  • 1

    (train/route) directo
    through traffic tráfico de paso masculine
    • So why is Council so determined to redevelop Junction St as a through road for heavy trucks?
    • Overnight Marlborough lost much of the through traffic on which many of its businesses depended.
    • Modernisation of the beach will include stopping through traffic to Blackgate Road.
    • The whole idea of this is to facilitate the easy movement of through traffic and allow the town to flourish.
    • The first through train leaves at 8:45.
    • Through trains for returning holidaymakers will run from most holiday centres on July 3.
    • This poses problems both for through traffic as well as for vehicles waiting to turn.
    • Stockton Lane in Grappenhall will be closed to through traffic for about four months.
    • Where did all the through traffic go when the park was shut during the foot and mouth crisis?
    • This means that the car threads through traffic with ease and overtakes dawdlers in a flash.
    • The proposed scheme is for a flyover to separate local and through traffic at the roundabout.
    • Through trains from Hull to Manchester Airport will run as far as Manchester Piccadilly.
    • Why can't they open the gates so those who want to use the park for recreation can get in and close it to through traffic?
    • Ask anyone in Settle if they enjoy a sandwich at the Naked Man with the roar of polluting through traffic.
    • More conventional routes are closed to through traffic by overflowing cardboard boxes.
    • Surely there should be a few through trains from Bromley North.
    • Here the right-turning traffic on to Kings Avenue is as great as through traffic.
  • 2informal

    aren't you through yet? ¿no has terminado aún?
    • as a journalist, you're through como periodista, estás acabado
    • to be through with sb/sth haber terminado con algn/algo
    • I'm through with her/him he terminado con ella/él
    • when I'm through with you cuando haya terminado contigo
    • are you through with the atlas? ¿has terminado con el atlas?
    • to be through (with) -ing
    • I'm through trying to be nice to you no pienso seguir tratando de ser amable contigo
    • She just left him, said she was through with him and disappeared.
    • If you can't do this, you and I are through as of this second!
  • 3British

    you're through! ¡hable!
    • we're through to Madrid nos han conectado con Madrid