Translation of throughout in Spanish:


Pronunciation /θruːˈaʊt//θruˈaʊt/


  • 1

    (all over)
    she was famous throughout Europe/the world era famosa en toda Europa/en todo el mundo / en el mundo entero
    • there were notices throughout the building había avisos por todo el edificio
  • 2

    (in time)
    it rained continuously throughout the afternoon/the weekend llovió sin parar (durante) toda la tarde/todo el fin de semana
    • throughout her/his career a lo largo de toda su carrera


  • 1

    (all over)
    the house is carpeted throughout la casa está totalmente alfombrada
    • Regular newsletters will be sent out to people throughout the district as the scheme progresses.
    • His positive attitude to life and his devotion to help people in need is illustrated throughout the book.
    • He also pointed out that wandering dogs did a lot of damage to sheep throughout the country.
    • The quality throughout was of the highest order, especially the young steer class.
    • The job losses will be throughout the plant, mainly among production and engineering staff.
    • Before long the story spread throughout the city of the crazy man who had purchased a dream.
    • Ashoka is famous for the edicts he ordered to be carved on rocks and pillars throughout his kingdom.
    • His sudden and untimely death was met with much sadness and shock throughout the area.
    • News of his sudden death was received with shock and sadness throughout his home area.
    • Kia has also updated the instrument cluster and door trims and there is a feel of better quality throughout.
    • She was always greeted with great warmth in North Yorkshire, as she was throughout the kingdom.
    • Parking attendants will be enforcing parking restrictions throughout the borough.
    • Julia was a good natured and kind lady who was well liked throughout the local community.
    • There are very few people throughout the United States who do not have some knowledge of the Pentagon.
    • The severe heat has resulted in a record number of deaths throughout the East Coast.
    • This and a host of other community support projects reduce the numbers of fires throughout the region.
    • The order covers the teenager's movements throughout the whole of England and Wales.
    • On average they achieve lower attainment in SATS tests and exams throughout school.
    • Armed police will be on foot patrol throughout Greater Manchester between now and the New Year.
    • Since it was set up its service has expanded until it has become a valued lifeline for people throughout the area.
  • 2

    (in time)
    desde el principio hasta el fin
    she listened in silence throughout escuchó en silencio desde el principio hasta el fin
    • his behavior throughout was irreproachable su conducta nunca dejó de ser intachable
    • Ethnic craft stalls will be situated in the common room throughout the event.
    • Trained personal advisors will be on standby throughout the exam results period.
    • We had obstacles from the beginning of the weekend throughout the whole race.
    • I think he has handled himself with dignity throughout and I know he has worked hard to achieve all he has.
    • Christmas, Mothers' Day and Easter are the bumper sales events throughout the year.
    • I had periods throughout both pregnancies and I just thought I was putting on weight.
    • The Drive programme will have extensive coverage throughout this glamorous event.
    • Once again Hull Truck Theatre hosts a series of events throughout the festival.
    • Many more local groups and activists are planning events throughout the week.
    • Conditions throughout the event were difficult, with continuous rain and a cold wind.
    • We did our best to keep you informed of all events happening locally throughout the year.
    • The society of orders had its defenders throughout the eighteenth century and beyond.
    • To complete the record each of the swimmers must swim for an hour in the same order throughout the attempt.
    • Everywhere Caetano went throughout his visit he was met with angry protests.
    • It seemed that there was no assistance at all throughout the whole period.
    • He was in fact working very hard for the forum and continued to throughout the period of the conspiracy.
    • Our barrister complimented all my family for the dignity they showed throughout the trial.
    • A number of events are taking place throughout September as part of the festival.
    • It starts with a guided walk on Sunday and the events will continue throughout the summer.
    • Two pots of each genotype were irrigated throughout the period as controls.