Translation of throw in Spanish:


tirar, v.

Pronunciation: /θrəʊ//θroʊ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      aventar Peru Mexico Colombia
      (grenade/javelin) lanzar
      (bomb) arrojar
      (bomb) tirar
      aventarle algo a algn Peru Mexico Colombia
      she threw her beer in his face le tiró la cerveza a la cara
      • she threw the ball back devolvió la pelota
      • to throw sth at sth/sb tirarle algo a algo/algn
      • to throw sth to sb
      • to throw sb sth tirarle algo a algn
      • they threw stones at the police le tiraron piedras a la policía
      • throw me the keys! ¡aviéntame las llaves!
      • he threw her a rope le echó una cuerda
      • On the walls abstract paintings have had fused to their surface small ceramic plates which appear to have been thrown at them with some force.
      • Often, there'd be the added distraction of other gangs of local layabouts throwing sticks and stones at you an your way through.
      • Bo heard a gasp, and then something being thrown in his general direction.
      • ‘They were picking up stones and throwing them at the swans,’ he added.
      • Just than a passing youth snatched the woman's handbag and sprinted off, throwing it to another boy on a bike.
      • He said the family's troubles began when local youths started throwing eggs and stones at their windows.
      • After repeatedly warning the boys to stop throwing food and keep quiet, the manager finally told them to leave.
      • Running towards the house alone, through a hail of bullets, he threw bombs at the position and silenced the gun.
      • Whirling around, he swung hard with the Golden Axe, deflecting a flurry of knives that had been thrown in his direction.
      • In once lightening movement she threw a dagger from her boot towards the soldier.
      • Madeleine burst out laughing at my grumpy expression and threw one of her pillows at me.
      • Seeing the movement, he threw his knife hitting the man squarely in the chest.
      • Windows are frequently broken and stones have even been thrown through windows during services.
      • Some demonstrators then threw stones at the officers.
      • Mila rolled her eyes and threw one of her pillows at him.
      • He said the boys threw lumps of concrete and bricks at his client's window and doors.
      • A minute later, the door opened and John threw a five dollar bill at her.
      • The two sides threw bottles and stones at one another until they were separated by police.
      • He palmed another stone and threw it again, with more force.
      • We were throwing dirt and stones on their faces.

    • 1.2

      (dice) echar
      (dice) tirar
      to throw a six sacar un seis
      • This guess is like the prediction that a six-sided dice thrown 6,000 times lands exactly 1,000 times on the prime side.
      • This was the first pair of dice thrown out in Atlantic City.
      • A pair of starved-looking women huddled against a fountain, throwing dice in absolute silence.
      • The sample plot in Figure 1 is the outcome of a pair of dice thrown a large number of times.
      • Second, the dice must be thrown down the center of the table and they must hit the pyramid contoured foam rubber padding against the back wall of the table.
      • One designated player is required to play cards from his hand matching the colours shown on the thrown dice.
      • At the core of the game is throwing dice on the table for positioning.
      • They asked God to decide for them, and they cast lots kind of like throwing dice, actually.
      • People are chattering and laughing; dice are being thrown; there is the constant clattering of mah-jong tiles.
      • Players land ships at anchorages and venture inland in search of buried treasure by putting counters on numbered squares after throwing dice.
      • Physical methods such as tossing coins or throwing dice or picking numbered balls from a rotating drum as in Lottery games are always unpredictable.
      • It was an interruption of his concentration upon the interminable playing of dominoes, or cards, or throwing dice.
      • With that he called for Sylvanius, who was throwing dice with the shipwrights by the boat yard.
      • The dice have already been thrown and we cannot reverse the roll.
      • It's like something designed by throwing dice, and the phone itself feels like it's made out of dried spittle and chewed-up paper.
      • Only one condition I beg you to accept: she and I will both play with only one dice each and the dice will be thrown only thrice.
      • These scholars did not obtain these dates by throwing dice!

  • 2

    (send, propel)
    the blast threw him across the room la explosión lo hizo salir despedido al otro lado de la habitación
    • he threw himself forward se tiró / echó hacia adelante
    • she threw herself out of the window se aventó por la ventana
    • the storm threw the yacht onto the rocks la tormenta lanzó el yate contra las rocas
    • she threw herself at her opponent se le echó encima a su adversario
    • to throw sb into jail meter a algn preso / en la cárcel
    • to throw sb out of work echar a algn del trabajo
    • his resignation threw them into confusion su dimisión los dejó desorientados
    • the slightest thing throws him into a panic por la menor cosa se pone nerviosísimo
    • I was thrown into a difficult situation me metieron en un aprieto
    • this threw the country into civil war esto sumió al país en una guerra civil
    • to throw oneself into a task meterse de lleno en una tarea
    • to throw oneself on / upon sb echársele encima a algn
    • to throw oneself on / upon sb's mercy ponerse a merced de algn
    • we were thrown entirely onto our own resources quedamos totalmente abandonados a nuestros recursos
    • the experience had thrown her onto the defensive la experiencia la había hecho ponerse a la defensiva
    • to throw sb to the lions / wolves arrojar a algn a las fieras
  • 3

    • 3.1(direct, aim)

      she threw him a warning look le lanzó una mirada de advertencia
      • you can't solve the problem by throwing money at it el problema no lo vas a resolver gastando sin ton ni son
      • a remark thrown into the conversation un comentario que se deja caer en la conversación
      • I'll throw the question over to the other team le pasaré la pregunta al otro equipo

    • 3.2(project)

      (shadow/image) proyectar
      to throw one's voice proyectar la voz
      • this throws suspicion on(to) the brother esto hace recaer las sospechas sobre el hermano
      • The light threw shadows around the cluttered room as I rubbed my eyes, and sighed at the lines on the drawing board.
      • Light from the right throws the shadow of a French door or tall window onto the walls and drapes.
      • She poked at the fire causing it to flare up and throw more shadows across their faces.
      • The two backed into a small shaft of light thrown by a small window above.
      • The painting is subtly lit from the right of the frame (as you look at it), and a shadow thrown on the wall to the left.
      • Her reflection was eerie and the skylight threw a shocking bright light down on top of her.
      • The small flame threw odd angled shadows across the dark ceilings and walls.
      • She could see his shadow, thrown onto the wall over her head, and watched him out of the corner of her eye.
      • Individual fixtures are fitted onto a surface-mounted or suspended track and may be adjusted to throw light in any direction.
      • The mirror throws a bright light into a moderately lit room with walls of blackest brown.
      • She watched the shadow that was thrown on the wall.
      • He points it at them and uses it as a ventriloquist's dummy, throwing his voice into it and waggling it about to make it look as though they're talking.
      • The men cross the dunes; afternoon light throws long shadows onto the scrub.
      • The circle of light thrown by the flashlight was still hitting a granite wall, but a feet or two lower, it was not.
      • If your car is equipped with fog lights, you may find it helpful to turn these on, as they throw a little extra light on the road while making your car easier to see.
      • The cracking campfire threw warm, dancing light over everything, shadows flickering at the edges.
      • As Tracy replied, the sun soared out from behind a cloud and threw brilliant rays of light through the window.
      • The light bulb from the ceiling caused the shadows to be thrown at an odd angle to the left.
      • The blinds in the living room cast off an eerie glow of white light, slants thrown across the room.
      • The furnaces along the far wall were roaring, opened doors throwing skittering shadows across the huge foundry floor.
      • Then two of the lamps that move round to throw the prettiest patterns on the walls and ceiling turned out to be faulty.

  • 4

    • 4.1(put, cast)

      she threw a blanket over him le puso / le echó una manta encima
      • to throw emphasis on(to) sth poner énfasis en algo
      • to throw blame on(to) sth/sb echarle la culpa a algo/algn
      • the responsibility was thrown onto me me hicieron responsable

    • 4.2(set up, erect)

      to throw a cordon around sth acordonar algo
      • to throw a bridge across / over a river tender un puente sobre un río

  • 5

    • 5.1(unseat)

      (horse) desmontar
      (horse) tirar
      • Five of the horses bolted, throwing four of the riders.
      • I took my hands off the mane for just a second and the horse threw me.
      • The horse reared upwards in sheer fright, throwing its rider sideways and underneath it.
      • This horse likes to throw his riders; I knew he had something in store for me.
      • Do you know what it's like to be thrown by a horse?
      • Just before arriving in the village, her majesty's horse threw a shoe and she walked her animal the rest of the way to the stable to have it looked at.
      • He instead learned that she had been thrown by a horse, hit her head and died.
      • Always honest to a fault about his animals, he said he'd thrown his best bronc rider.
      • Horses throw shoes, eat food and destroy tack at an alarming rate.
      • Irritated, he grabs the bridle on one of the mules spooking it and causing it to throw its rider.
      • The horse shied, reared up, fell and threw its rider.
      • A vivid blue streak ripped the air between them, tearing the smoldering man from his horse and causing the last mount to rear, throwing its rider.
      • I intend to get back on the horse where it threw me.
      • The accident happened at 10.30 am last Saturday when a horse threw its rider, who wore a helmet.
      • Problems compounded for the track in October when a horse threw its jockey during a race.
      • Peering from behind my hands, I watch as the horses fall, or throw their rider, or watch as loose, riderless horses veer across the track.
      • The horse threw the king, and, he died days later from the complications of a broken collarbone.
      • The horse of one of the lead knights threw its rider and bolted backward.
      • With a chorus of screams, the horses all plunged into crazed fear, throwing riders to and fro.
      • There are numerous examples of horses at the races throwing their jockeys and running wild.
      • They say that when a horse throws you, you should get right back on and go for a ride again, and I know a few people who take the same approach with liquor.
      • He added it was dangerous to have an eagle with a mounted hunt, as it could lead to a horse throwing a rider.

    • 5.2(in wrestling)

      (opponent) derribar
      • He had a small body but he did marvelous judo, and could throw larger opponents without using any power.
      • The art also emphasizes throwing the opponent - much like in judo - as well as various arm locks.
      • Judo is a martial art combining the use of quick movement and leverage to throw an opponent.
      • He had a disastrous opening performance on Monday in the wrestling, being thrown by Romeo, who took an early lead in the competition.
      • She would allow him to attack with a karate chop, and he would throw her with Judo.
      • Next to them, 14 judo athletes took turns throwing one another.

  • 6

    I was thrown by her question no supe qué contestar a su pregunta
  • 7

    (party) hacer
    (party) dar
    he threw a fit/tantrum le dio un ataque/una pataleta
  • 8

    (switch/lever) darle a
  • 9

    (pot) tornear
    (pot) modelar en un torno
  • 10

    (give birth to)
    (foal/calf) parir
  • 11informal

    (deliberately lose)
    (fight/race) perder


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (with ball, stone)
  • 2

    (with dice)


  • 1

  • 2

    (of ball) tiro masculine
    (of javelin, discus) lanzamiento masculine
  • 3

    (of dice)
    tirada feminine
    lance masculine
    it's your throw te toca tirar
    • I had a throw of 7 saqué 7
  • 4

    (in wrestling)
    derribo masculine
  • 5

    cubrecama masculine
  • 6

    chal masculine
    echarpe masculine
  • 7slang

    a throw cada uno
    • they cost / are $17 a throw cuestan 17 dólares cada uno