Translation of throwaway in Spanish:


desechable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈθroʊəˌweɪ//ˈθrəʊəweɪ/


  • 1

    (cup/container) desechable
    (cup/container) de usar y tirar
    • Hospitals welcomed the convenience of single-use throwaway products because they no longer had to be concerned with product age, overuse, breakage, and malfunction.
    • How refreshing it is that in the midst of a throwaway society there remain products designed and constructed to function as advertised, season after season.
    • Vivid colors, mass-produced clip art and the low-tech animations emphasize cheap, throwaway culture that Americans are nurtured on.
    • As efforts to close the materials cycle intensify, throwaway products will be either banned or taxed out of existence.
    • Unlike magazines and books, newspapers feel more ephemeral and throwaway, but they carry their own weight because of their reach.
    • People will happily fork out nearly a quid for half a litre of clear liquid in a throwaway plastic container when a tap provides a perfectly acceptable alternative.
    • If the transport is an expendable, throwaway rocket, there are no people present when the craft arrives in space.
    • Evening wear will be for sale along with throwaway paper dresses from the 1960s.
    • I don't have much more to say, other than that it was not something I expected to find in a throwaway paper under a table at the Duke of Gloucester at 1 on a Friday morning.
    • The problem is that financial products are not throwaway consumer goods but require servicing and maintenance through the life of the contract.
    • Simple voice phones are becoming a throwaway commodity, and terminal manufacturers have seen handset sales dip for the first time ever.
    • Unorganised sellers bring us a host of cheap goods at throwaway prices, but they don't enjoy much comfort, for their lives are one long struggle for existence, from generation to generation.
    • The books come in a bright blue backpack that also contains a box of washable markers and a throwaway flash camera.
    • Corporations make cheap throwaway products and packages to increase profits.
    • Among the detritus lifted off the pitch was a pig's head, a J&B whisky bottle, countless coins and numerous thrown-away throwaway cigarette lighters.
    • In our fast-paced, throwaway culture, this treatment of what was once mere wreckage changes our relationship with time itself.
    • Many women will remember throwaway panties from the Sixties and Seventies - and by all accounts they were only too glad to dispose of them for good.
    • Which proves, once again, the fact we live in a throwaway world in which, for some, history only goes back as far as yesterday - maybe only as far back as breakfast.
    • I am going to get some cheap, old, throwaway PCs for the purposes of these courses.
    • Plastic, throwaway silverware is not used since the airline serves only ‘finger food’ and not full meals.
    • On board, reduce your own amount of throwaway items, for example, use reusable plastic boxes for food instead of wrappings or baggies.
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    (remark) hecho como de pasada
    • In fact, most of Link's comic relief throwaway lines fail miserably.
    • It's an idea relegated to some throwaway dialogue and one disarming scene in which a girl is confronted by a nutcase.
    • Emotions were running high and people might utter a few throwaway remarks but the general feeling is one of relief that he has gone.
    • So instead I smiled and made some throwaway statement, and returned to my daydreams of the stage.
    • Several times I just found myself chuckling at some throwaway line.
    • As to the newspaper article, it reads like a throwaway remark made by someone who wasn't thinking too much.
    • The sets are expensive, the lifestyle lavish, the charm oozy and the dialogue throwaway.
    • But this isn't just a swipe at Miller or a throwaway smack at the paper of record.
    • I had a vague recollection of saying something of that sort, but to think that a patient was being helped by some throwaway remark of mine was quite humbling.
    • Oh, right, last time we were together I made some throwaway comment about Philly, just chatter to point him in the wrong direction.
    • As this throwaway remark shows, since the publication of Binchy's debut only weeks ago, Dublin has changed so much already.
    • Such a throwaway jibe reputedly once caused Phelps to fall out with school friends for years; Parry, a big, bluff Liverpudlian, will laugh it off more easily.
    • What a story there must be behind that throwaway line.
    • But what she had seen as a throwaway remark was taken far more seriously by social workers.
    • It is always the casual throwaway comment, rather than your most carefully timed put-down, that is likely to cause terrible offence and end a friendship.
    • Take this one, for example, about some throwaway line of Howard Dean's.
    • Who would have predicted that one throwaway posting would elicit over 800 comments?
    • So it was a throwaway remark by Clive that started it all off.
    • It was just a throwaway remark, but perhaps my ignorance backs up the original point.
    • Instead of having to guess at references or wonder about non-sequitur throwaway lines and images, we would have the powers that be explaining them to us.
    • It was a throwaway remark that proved tragically prophetic.
    • When Dr Shaibani talks about ‘God’, and ‘design’, it's not some throwaway line covering a belief in evolution.
    • Conor Lenihan showed an impressive grasp of his brief in the Dail today by reducing exploited Turkish workers to the status of kebab eaters in a throwaway remark directed at Joe Higgins.
    • Indeed, in the film, there are a lot of brilliant throwaway one-liners about our celeb-obsessed culture.