Translation of thrum in Spanish:


rasguear, v.

Pronunciation /θrʌm//θrəm/

transitive verbthrumming, thrummed

  • 1

    (guitar) rasguear
    • Stretched full upon the floor would lay the minstrel, lute in hands, thrumming gently as his voice rang out through the marble room.
    • They all sat down and began to thrum the strings of their instruments in a muffled, dreamy manner.
    • The blind man had finished his song; he began thrumming the strings again and singing amusing ballads.
    • A case in point is ‘Smelling Limes In Winter’ which begins with thrumming, dulcimer-like pluckings through which a central drone rises.
    • He starts thrumming the guitar and his age vanishes.

intransitive verbthrumming, thrummed

  • 1

    (beat, patter)
    • Outside the dramatically beautiful Saitama stadium the coaches were waiting to leave, their engines thrumming in the darkness.
    • The bed was ablaze with the yellow flowers, and here, large humming squadrons of shiny black carpenter bees would thrum from pre-dawn onwards.
    • Its bones were surely made of brittle glass, they seemed so fragile, and its heart thrummed like a miniature electric motor as it beat over a thousand times a minute.
    • Those words were thrumming through my head every minute I was in that establishment.
    • ALL week, front pages and news broadcasts have thrummed and crackled with reports that Bristol is one of Britain's most notorious black spots for drug abuse, prostitution, gun crime and gang warfare.
    • The volcano still thrummed, howling like a strong wind.
    • The chopper engine kept on thrumming, and the sea came closer and closer.
    • I could feel the land thrumming with a barely contained vibrancy.
    • The only sounds were bugs thrumming in the grasses above and birds chirping even higher up.
    • His heartbeat thrummed in his ears, his face hot with blood.
    • There is the occasional bit of ambient engine thrumming, or an occasional starship flyby that uses directional effects, but these uses are infrequent and nothing to write home about.
    • The engines thrummed slowly to a stop, reverberating power through the air.
    • Rain starts thrumming into the canal and onto the skylight outside my room.
    • Rockets scream around you, birds move overhead, engines thrum quietly in your wake.
    • Her voice thrummed against his body with a soothing vibration.
    • Now her heart began thrumming lightly in her ribcage.
    • She's aware of the engine thrumming beneath her, and through her.
    • He cocked his head as he felt the deck under his feet thrumming with power.
    • As a child, did you ever slip beneath the bathwater's surface, listen to the blood thrumming in your ears, and find comfort in being completely submerged?
    • Josephine sat up in bed, arms wrapped around her knees, and listened to the rain thrumming on the roof.