Translation of thrust in Spanish:


empujar, v.

Pronunciation: /θrəst//θrʌst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (push) empujar
    (push out) sacar
    (insert) clavar
    he thrust her against the wall la empujó contra la pared
    • she thrust her head out of the window sacó la cabeza por la ventana
    • he thrust out his chest sacó pecho
    • to thrust sth at sb
    • to thrust sth into sth
    • she thrust the book at me me tendió el libro bruscamente / con agresividad
    • he thrust his knife into the bundle clavó su cuchillo en el fardo
    • he thrust his sword into the ground clavó / hincó su espada en la tierra
    • he thrust his hands into his pockets se metió las manos en los bolsillos
    • they thrust him into the room lo metieron a la fuerza en la habitación
    • he was thrust into the role of ... le impusieron el papel de ...
    • she thrust the thought to the back of her mind apartó la idea de la cabeza
    • he thrust his way into the crowded hall entró abriéndose paso a empujones entre la gente que abarrotaba la sala
    • It was only through the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, that, suddenly, she was thrust into the limelight, and became our Queen.
    • Burly Paddy, who's at the helm, suddenly thrusts a fishing rod into my hand.
    • So how does such a creative, quietly self-possessing group of young men handle the fame and fortune that has so suddenly been thrust upon them this year?
    • A full paper bag was thrust at her, and the door shut, leaving her in stifled silence.
    • Suddenly she thrust her fist forward and struck the wall.
    • Then the bowl is thrust at me with battered wooden chopsticks and a porcelain spoon.
    • An empty, demanding hand is thrust at us, and we press money into it.
    • I've got a huge family and suddenly she has been thrust into the middle of this completely different way of life.
    • This endless cycle of doctors being thrust at you like hot bullets from a machine gun has far too much potential for deadly mishaps and malpractice.
    • Suddenly, John is thrust into a whole new world of motion, music, camaraderie and passion.
    • She gasped suddenly, thrusting a hand to her head, pushing back her styled hair abruptly and entangling her fingers in it.
    • I shot him a look, but was soon ambushed by a sheaf of papers being thrust at me.
    • Rae dropped his sword from tired, numb fingers, and he saw the Guardian's blade sail through the air as it was thrust at his chest.
    • He was living the rock and roll lifestyle, going to endless parties where free champagne was thrust at him and he took advantage of it.
    • I'm there again, fighting at the bar for a drink and suddenly a hand is thrust in front of me.
    • He sounded rather quizzical and calm despite the equivalent of an Uzi being thrust at his throat.
    • Suddenly being thrust on to the opposite side of the fence was something of a culture shock.
    • They wax garrulous when mikes are thrust at them, and queue up, or SMS furiously to get on to reality shows.
    • It was the shot line, and without thinking he thrust out his hand to grab it.
    • It was a woman photographer, with dyed blonde hair showing from beneath her headscarf, who thrust me most violently out of her way.
    • A black van pulled up, badges were thrust at me after the door opened, and I hopped in.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (with sword)
    dar estocadas
    to thrust at sb tirarle una estocada a algn
  • 2

    he thrust past me pasó por mi lado apartándome bruscamente
    • the army thrust south el ejército se abrió camino hacia el sur


  • 1

    (with sword)
    estocada feminine
  • 2

    empujón masculine
  • 3

    (advance, attack)
    ofensiva feminine
  • 4

    (general direction)
    this is consistent with the thrust of their reforms esto es coherente con el carácter / la tendencia general de sus reformas
    • the (main) thrust of the report is that ... la idea central del informe es que ...
  • 5

    empuje masculine
    fuerza feminine
  • 6

    Aerospace Aviation Nautical
    propulsión feminine
  • 7

    empuje masculine