Translation of thud in Spanish:


ruido sordo, n.

Pronunciation /θʌd//θəd/


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    ruido sordo masculine
    it landed on the floor with a thud cayó al suelo con un ruido sordo
    • He told how he was with a friend when they heard the plane's engine revving, then a dull thud.
    • He and the coffee table hit the ground with a loud thud and the sound for breaking wood.
    • I heard hard thuds as bricks and mortar fell to the ground.
    • Moyes drops to the ground with a sickening thud to the stunned gasps of the Lancashire crowd.
    • A scream arose from the foliage and a thud was heard as a French soldier hit the hard ground.
    • Every so often, the roar would drop to a murmur, only to swell again after the next ball hit the ground with a muffled thud.
    • The elevator slammed into the ground with a dull thud, and the doors screeched open.
    • They awoke from a short nap and upon hearing dull thuds, attributed the noise to a nearby naval gunnery range.
    • Rowdy yelps spill out of the plain stucco house in Tarzana that murmurs with the dull thud of bass.
    • They had just barely reached the door when several dull thuds echoed off the floorboards behind them.
    • A little later we hear two dull thuds echoing across the valley as one of the Apaches fires its missiles.
    • Every now and then, we can hear the dull thuds of exploded ordinance - over Mosul?
    • We lads were all laughing and joking when there was a series of terrific thuds and the shelter rocked.
    • He and friends were play-fighting with the clubs when there was a thud and he fell to the ground.
    • One poor soldier crashed into the ground at breakneck speed with a dull thud which brought a sharp intake of breath from the crowd.
    • I had heard the thuds, bangs and screams last night.
    • For a few moments, the only sound was the heavy thud of the ball as it pounded, rhythmically, against pale walls.
    • She threw her bag across the room and the dull thud assured her it had hit the floor somewhere close to the wall.
    • She heard the soft thud of something hitting the ground, and crawled back to pick it up.
    • A dull thud echoed all around him and the creature looked wildly around at its pack.

intransitive verbthudded, thudding

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    (fall) caer con un golpe sordo
    (fall) caer con un ruido sordo
    (crash) chocar con un golpe sordo
    (crash) chocar con un ruido sordo
    we heard shells thudding into the hillside oíamos estallar granadas en la ladera del monte
    • I heard him thudding up the stairs lo oí subir pesadamente las escaleras
    • Another gunshot pierced the dusk, and a bullet thudded into the ground by Vincent's foot.
    • Footsteps thudded down the hall, and his hold on her loosened somewhat.
    • The ball thudded into the immaculate putting surface and spun to about eight feet right of the hole.
    • Her necklace thudded heavily on the floor as she fell down flat on her stomach.
    • Suddenly, something thudded against the grating that covered the opening.
    • We were flying over the land as the pounding of the hooves thudded in our hearts.
    • Then he thudded head first against the alley wall and oozed down it while his companions whirled in astonishment.
    • Bass thudded up from beneath and I could tell the party was getting wilder.
    • His heavy boots thudded against the pavement of a desolate road as he kept on walking in a semiconscious daze.
    • In injury time, Sedge debutant Jonny Haig fouled an attacker in the box but Shelley's spot-kick thudded against the post.
    • Her boots thudded softly on the stone steps leading to the East building.
    • Gary Holt came closest of all when his strike from 25 yards thudded against the crossbar.
    • A door thudded against the concrete walls and the sound ricocheted down to my ears.
    • Shankland almost scored at the wrong end when his attempted clearing header thudded against Mitchell's bar and bounced to safety.
    • Something thudded softly against the prow of our boat as we pulled upstream, and in the half-light before dawn it was difficult to tell what it was.
    • He tumbled down the incline, head over heels amid falling debris, and thudded against something soft.
    • The punches thudded through the smoke-filled air of the MEN Arena with excruciating force.
    • The Air France jet thudded onto the runway, then skidded off the pavement moments later, bursting into flames.
    • The Puerto Rican jumped, and the tranquilizer dart thudded against the wall, narrowly missing him.
    • My heart thudded in my chest and I could feel my stomach in my throat.