Translation of thumb in Spanish:


pulgar, n.

Pronunciation /θʌm//θəm/


  • 1

    pulgar masculine
    dedo gordo masculine informal
    to suck one's thumb chuparse el dedo

transitive verb

  • 1

    I thumbed a lift or (US also) a ride home me fui a casa de aventón Mexico
    • to thumb it pedir aventón
  • 2

    (book) hojear
    a well thumbed book un libro muy usado
    • Students at Manchester University no longer need to thumb through dusty texts when reading classics of English literature.
    • Anyway, I am thumbing through the friendster pages via a search for ‘Interests: Blading’ in hope of finding some blading kakis.
    • The President looked up from the papers he was thumbing through, and referred to some large, recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Turkey.
    • At the mid-point of the first running of this programme, I'm thumbing through some of those linkages in a self-imposed revision process.
    • Donna was eating Triscuts and thumbing through the Daily News.
    • We've been thumbing through the guide to this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival, trying to decide what we'll go see this year.
    • Encyclopedias on CD-Rom can provide access to information much quicker than thumbing through stacks of books.
    • It's all the rage, flick on your TV, thumb through a magazine or listen to the radio - everyone's at it.
    • But who can deny perusing the headlines, even thumbing through the pages, of the occasional supermarket tabloid while waiting to ring up our groceries?
    • ‘This isn't working,’ mumbled Vladimir Vladimirovich as he pulled his presidential address book from his jacket pocket and started thumbing through it.
    • I find myself picking this book up and thumbing through it repetitively.
    • After thumbing through a few pages, I was hooked immediately.
    • I picked up Toole's book because, thumbing through it, I'd read a paragraph that rang with truth as I had come to know it with Muhammad Ali.
    • In fact, music critics everywhere are thumbing through a thesaurus, competing to compose a squirtier review of her impressive sophomore album.
    • I duly placed the chilled pies into the microwave and commenced the cooking process and began thumbing through the newspaper.
    • I was thumbing through the mail this afternoon, innocently enough, only to be frightened by this evil, leering tree that popped out at me.
    • I sat on my bed and began thumbing through the pages of my fantasies.
    • When I thumbed through his journal at the shop today I had the strong feeling that he never intended for these thoughts to be publicised.
    • In terms of the Powell approach, I'm not sure exactly what the Powell approach is, other than thumbing through his Rolodex.
    • The guard leans back in his booth, thumbing a paper, watching the clock.