Translation of thumbtack in Spanish:


tachuela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθəmˌtæk//ˈθʌmtak/



  • 1

    tachuela feminine
    chinche masculine Andes
    chinche feminine Mexico River Plate Central America
    chincheta feminine Spain
    • The moon was like a white thumbtack, pinning up the sheet of night.
    • The narrow hallway walls were covered with newspaper clippings and photographs, all stuck on with thumbtacks and masking tape.
    • Hardcore is known for things like rolling around on piles of thumbtacks or hitting opponents with flaming 2x4s.
    • The North American media are if possible overplaying the soap operatic performances of Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder, as they strew thumbtacks along the road to Baghdad.
    • Do you dare risk losing the edges of your Lucian Freud poster to a malignant thumbtack?
    • They couldn't even hang flyers up by themselves until she demonstrated the method that used the fewest thumbtacks.
    • Too late - at this speed, it's approximately as effective as scattering thumbtacks in front of advancing armour.
    • Why are teenagers holding wrestling matches in which thumbtacks, chairs, and tables play such important roles?
    • I need some thumbtacks to put up some stuff in my new room to make it all homey.
    • You know the plastic bit on thumbtacks which aren't really thumbtacks?
    • Gold hoop in her navel; her ears, studded with beads and gold balls, looked like the corner of the reminder board where you stick the extra thumbtacks.
    • Imagine an HDTV you take home under your arm in a cardboard shipping tube and attach to your wall with thumbtacks or carpet tape.
    • One day, they'll learn about the magic of sandpaper and thumbtacks hidden inside the pitcher's glove.
    • There were a lot of maps scattered all over the floor, yet some were hanging on the walls with thumbtacks pinned on various strategic locations.
    • Lighter objects can be hung with decorative pins or thumbtacks.
    • Indoors, you may need some tape or thumbtacks to fasten your background to a wall.
    • However, you can turn it into a more traditional screen by attaching panels of cloth to the back of the frames with a few thumbtacks or staples.
    • Digging around in the box, she pulled out her new corkboard and a pack of brass thumbtacks.
    • All companies, no matter the industry, have to buy routine goods to function - pens, copier toner, thumbtacks.