Translation of thunder in Spanish:


truenos, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈθʌndə//ˈθəndər/


  • 1

    (masculine plural) truenos
    a clap of thunder un trueno
    • to look like thunder/ as black as thunder tener cara de pocos amigos
    • to steal sb's thunder quitarle la primicia a algn
    • There were hailstones, rarely heard loud thunder, lightning, strong gusty winds and sheets of rain.
    • Flash floods with thunder and lightning were rampant at the weekend.
    • Begin your turnaround when you hear thunder (which means lightning is one to ten miles away).
    • It started to rain, with flashes of lightning and booms of thunder sounding in the distance.
    • If you see lightning or hear thunder, head for shelter immediately.
    • We hear thunder because lightning heats the air to more than 43,000 degrees, causing the air to quickly expand.
    • Lightning finally flashed and seconds after thunder boomed.
    • Seers interpreted claps of thunder, lightning flashes or the condition of a sacrificed animal's entrails.
    • Count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, each second represents 300 m distance from the thunderstorm.
    • The wind was now strong and cold, with rain, hail and an occasional flash of lightning and roll of thunder.
    • The lighting flashed continuously and rumbling thunder followed.
    • In Summer, storms with thunder, lightning and hail are quite common, and sometimes even mini-tornadoes are reported!
    • These clouds often bring thunder and lightning, and can also bring funnel clouds or even tornadoes.
    • With no warning or dimming of lights, the Stanley Theatre suddenly shook with loud thunder and lightning.
    • Take a dark rainy night, with thunder rolling and lightning flashing and it would be perfect.
    • Why don't hurricanes have much lightning and thunder even though they are made of thunderstorms?
    • I ran out of the shop and as I did so there was a loud clap of thunder and a flash of lightning.
    • A thunderstorm hit us with no warning and we lay soaked, silent and shivering with cold as the lightning and thunder crashed around us.
    • In fact the last hour on the course was played out to the accompaniment of claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, but it stayed dry.
    • We had driving snow, with flashes of blue lightning and rolling thunder.
  • 2

    a thunder of applause una salva de aplausos
    • the thunder of the waterfall/the traffic el estruendo de la cascada/del tráfico

impersonal verb

  • 1


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (artillery) tronar
    (waves) bramar
  • 2

    (move loudly)
    they thundered up the stairs subieron las escaleras ruidosamente
    • the train thundered through the station el tren pasó por la estación con gran estruendo
  • 3

    (shout, rant)

transitive verb

  • 1

    get out! he thundered —¡fuera de aquí! —bramó / rugió
    • he thundered out the order dio la orden a voz en cuello / a voz en grito