Translation of thunderstorm in Spanish:


tormenta eléctrica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθəndərˌstɔrm//ˈθʌndəstɔːm/


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    tormenta eléctrica feminine
    • Lightning easily strikes many miles from the edge of the thunderstorm.
    • The thunderstorms that spin out tornadoes are big clouds with lots of water and ice in them to block sunlight.
    • Lines of thunderstorms that cause one downburst after another are called derechoes.
    • On past experience this heatwave will end with a torrential downpour or a major thunderstorm, or both.
    • The most significant features of the wet season are thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and rain depressions.
    • The start of the tie had been delayed after Friday's schedule was washed out with hours of rain, thunderstorms and lightning.
    • Marks said the herd gathered around a tall tree to shelter during a thunderstorm when lightning struck the tree.
    • If it is very unstable then thunderstorms or tornadoes can easily form, whereas if it is very stable nothing of the sort would happen.
    • The front's passage may be marked by thunderstorms or, if rainfall has been very low for a prolonged period, a wall of dust.
    • Tornadic thunderstorms can also produce waterspouts and downbursts.
    • He said temperatures will remain high on Monday and Tuesday but thunderstorms and heavy rain could also be expected.
    • The arrival of summer brings increased chances of thunderstorms and dangerous lightning.
    • Last night East London appeared to be getting its share of the rain, with heavy thunderstorms in the early evening.
    • Monday dawned with thunderstorms and a downpour of tropical intensity, but by midday the sun was out again.
    • Of course, real lightning from thunderstorms is far more powerful.
    • We have the lightning strokes of thunderstorms, we have the sudden downpours out of a clear sky.
    • Search conditions varied from fine weather to thunderstorms and heavy squalls.
    • Humidity, torrential rain and thunderstorms ensured that the disease continued to spread and many more crops were destroyed.
    • These thunderstorms often produce heavy precipitation, which can cause soil erosion.
    • You know when you take a photo of a thunderstorm, and the lightning is all purple or pink?