Translation of Thursday in Spanish:


jueves, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθəːzdi//ˈθərzdeɪ//ˈθəːzdeɪ//ˈθərzdi/


  • 1

    jueves masculine
    see also Monday
    • The strikes were due to take place on Thursday and Friday of this week and Monday and Tuesday of next.
    • By Thursday the pavements were like sheets of ice, but who cares about people falling over?
    • The YMCA gym classes run on Wednesdays and Thursdays for all levels.
    • At the end of each period is a test week, so starting next Thursday I have a test per day.
    • It was really bizarre knowing it was a Thursday and not having to do the show this evening.
    • By last Thursday I could hardly walk and ended up going back to older pairs to let my feet settle back down.
    • On Thursday night, in the Christian northern part of Beirut we heard some loud noises.
    • Mr Baker will be at the gallery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
    • So Thursday morning saw me share the front page of the Times with Gordon Brown's Budget.
    • All through Thursday we heard from the bereaved how they took those last calls.
    • On Thursday morning I was sitting by the river in Matlock enjoying the sun and a nice cup of tea.
    • On Thursday, he will watch the second leg at Anfield - and cast his mind back six years.
    • On Thursday of last week the Financial Times claimed the company had backed down.
    • On Thursday, it was revealed that three prize assets had signed extended contracts.
    • Harry will be required to put in a full day's work at Sandhurst on Thursday and Friday.
    • I finally booked the moving of the rest of my stuff into the flat for Thursday the 22nd.
    • He is allotting Tuesdays and Thursdays full time to the RA.
    • The offer is available until mid-December and is limited from Sundays to Thursdays inclusive.
    • Wednesdays and Thursdays have been set apart for counselling in person.
    • Each Thursday I scour the job section of the Westing Chronicle searching for a way out.