Translation of thus in Spanish:


así, adv.

Pronunciation /ðəs//ðʌs/


  • 1

    • 1.1formal (in this way)

      de este modo
      it should be applied thus debe aplicarse así / de este modo
      • These results will be placed as pins on the world map and thus capture predefined squares.
      • Thus did the poem even foreshadow the advent of e-mail, which, after the bombing, became the means by which the poem traveled.
      • While thus engaged he was, under pretext of union, finally and fatally subjugated by the Scot.
      • There is probably truth in all three scenarios, and perhaps to some degree it was ever thus.
      • He didn't win, but he did gain a few laughs, thus setting in motion a phenomenal career.
      • Bees fans at the game will be asked to hold the red card aloft as the players enter the pitch, thus showing the red card to Noades.
      • The embryo thus created was implanted in her and its gestation monitored.
      • One wonders how people can find it in them to attend church after priests had betrayed them thus.
      • The staff gave all their love, care and support, thus enabling me to overcome my fears.
      • Can someone retitle this thread so it's spelt properly, and thus easier to find?
      • These operations cut or break the residue into smaller pieces, mix soil and residue, and speed winter weathering, thus making the residue more susceptible to decomposition.
      • We trust that the author may be pardoned for speaking thus of his results.

    • 1.2(by this means)

      she refused, thus provoking a storm of protest se negó, provocando con ello una lluvia de protestas
      • The expectations of both patients and evaluators may thus have biased the results.
      • They thus had the right, so they implied, to seize control of any Buddhist temple whenever they chose.
      • The results may thus be subject to bias if differential outcomes between treatments change over time.
      • Retention is thus the new key word in debates about education in Britain.
      • Our survey results thus confirm reports that civilians were often direct victims of the war in Angola.
      • Why now is there talk of forcing us to pay for the use of what is ours by right, thus increasing the cost of living?
      • Two more persons were killed and thus in all three persons died during the disturbances.
      • In this sense, a human sperm cell is a potential adult human, and thus a potential person.
      • The number of patents is thus the measurable result of the R&D efforts of a country.
      • The Sunday thus proved something of an anti-climax, with three convincing results.
      • It thus seems unlikely that our results were biased by responses under the patients' control.
      • The experience of family life is thus the prior education presupposed by a free society.
      • For me it is easier to not lose a game than to win it, thus I produce better results in stronger tournaments.
      • By coinciding, however, they did result in a distinct drop in diversity and thus in a mass extinction.
      • Both umpires claimed that they were unsighted, and were thus forced to give Somny the benefit of the doubt.
      • The park should thus be seen as part of the real estate speculation and developments in the area.
      • It will probably be shallower, and thus more dangerous, and followed by scores of aftershocks.
      • The roof was stripped in the same year and thus spelt the demise of the milling industry in Durrow.
      • The question must thus be raised as to whether or not the season was a success or disappointment.
      • There is thus a strong argument for keeping clinical and economic results together.

  • 2

    por lo tanto
    por consiguiente formal
    I was only 17 and thus unable to vote solo tenía 17 años y por lo tanto no podía votar
  • 3

    • 3.1literary (to this extent)

      thus fondly tan cariñosamente
      • The local government has thus far built shelters to accommodate people from the area.
      • Because no one has thus far exposed the pattern, each attack may seem plausible on first impression.
      • One of my regrets in life thus far is the people I have let drift out of my life.
      • Here we propose a framework that explains many of the thus far contradictory results.
      • An active week of trading produced the highest weekly volume for the year thus far.
      • The breakneck speed of the advance has disguised thus far how thin on the ground the allies are.
      • We have gone a long way thus far and therefore we cannot afford to be again divided by racism.
      • They have won three and drawn two of there five games thus far and sit proudly on top of the table.
      • It is an important exercise that can not be left to the minority few who have registered thus far.
      • This is likely why the Irish response to immigration has been so conflicted thus far.
      • History, as they say, has thus far proven the best judge of the rightness of this tactic.
      • Labossiere believes the work of the hate crime team has thus far been successful.
      • In what ways have you been responsible for improving the quality of student life thus far?
      • They have thus far failed to realise that the process will take a long time and extended effort.
      • Now you are the only one that knows what actually happened and thus far you have kept your cards very close to your chest.
      • His only experience of the famous encounter thus far came in October when he ended the match on the losing side.
      • I've resisted commenting on this phenomenon thus far, but I can keep silent no more.
      • How many of us take what we're handed on a platter because nothing better has come along thus far?
      • Its success thus far seems to be down to certain key ingredients, not least the fact that this is a real family affair.
      • I'm a little concerned about some of the comments attached to the Christmas stories thus far.