Translation of thwart in Spanish:


frustrar, v.

Pronunciation /θwɔːt//θwɔrt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (attempt/desire/plan) frustrar
    we were thwarted by the weather nos falló el tiempo
    • the police managed to thwart the robbers la policía frustró el propósito de los ladrones
    • I feel thwarted at every move me siento coartado en todo lo que intento
    • But it can be said that police and intelligence work is disrupting the terrorist networks and thwarting their plans.
    • The pair will be able to use their stake to thwart any takeover attempt.
    • We all know who these people are, they walk among us every day and attempt to thwart carefully laid plans of anti-productivity with thoughts of ambition and determination.
    • For years they have provided a power base for him - realising he still clings to the vainglorious Brussels dream, while the Chancellor thwarts his ambition.
    • Fortunately I am a light sleeper, so I should be able to thwart any attempts to slice bits off me for a tasty midnight snack.
    • However, Knottingley were able to thwart most efforts to break the deadlock with some resolute defence.
    • The drop-off reflects deep disappointment that clerical establishment rulers have been able to largely thwart Khatami's efforts.
    • However, thanks to smuggling, piracy, and trade with the New World, England was able to thwart Napoleon's plan.
    • We wouldn't want to do anything to thwart the Campbell government's quest for the privatization of health care.
    • Esther is a Jewish girl who becomes Queen to King Xerxes of Persia, and through her bravery, is able to thwart an attempt to slaughter all the Jews living in Persia at that time.
    • Officials mustered a security force of thousands in the area around the hall, part of an effort to thwart any attempt at a repeat attack.
    • But this instrument also has its limitations, chief of which is that the type of very specific, tactical intelligence required to thwart terrorist plots is rare.
    • The record labels have attempted to thwart the efforts of free music providers through the creation of copyright-protected files and through lawsuits against providers of free music.
    • In their relationships with women, Russell and Ayer both seemed quite oblivious to the feelings of others when such feelings were likely to thwart their plans or ambitions.
    • Given the manner in which the development of Sligo has been stifled by sectional interest, it is hoped that the same dead hand of greed does not thwart the plans of the harbour board.
    • The story revolves round the locals’ attempts to thwart the plan.
    • Jr. will wake up and make every effort to thwart your plans.
    • Also his best laid plans were thwarted when he attempted to return to see his family in South Africa.
    • They say that the steps taken by Mr. LeBlanc were taken by him, deliberately and with ill intent, in an attempt to thwart their efforts to have their motions heard.
    • So far we have been successful in thwarting the efforts of Representative Bill Thomas (R - CA) to get this passed.