Translation of ticket in Spanish:


boleto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪkɪt//ˈtɪkɪt/


  • 1

    (for bus, train) boleto masculine
    (for bus, train) billete masculine Spain
    (for plane) pasaje masculine
    (for plane) billete masculine Spain
    (for theater, museum etc) entrada feminine
    (for baggage, coat etc) ticket masculine
    (from cleaner's, repair shop etc) ticket masculine
    (from cleaner's, repair shop etc) resguardo masculine
    (for lottery) billete masculine
    (for lottery) número masculine
    (for parking) ticket masculine
    pawn ticket papeleta de empeños feminine
    • that role was his ticket to fame ese papel fue su pasaporte a la fama
    • before noun ticket agency agencia de venta de localidades
    • ticket barrier barrera de control de billetes punto de acceso al andén, donde hay que presentar el billete
    • ticket collector revisor
    • ticket inspector revisor
    • ticket machine máquina expendedora de boletos
    • ticket taker portera
    • All season ticket holders managed to get tickets, but many faced lengthy waits.
    • Festival passes are available for $75 and are exchangeable for tickets to six performance events.
    • However, it is necessary to use a paper ticket for international travel.
    • Although technically open to the public, entry was limited to holders of scarce tickets of admission.
    • Most travel agents charge a fee to deliver paper tickets.
    • The objective is to stop people passing used public transport tickets to each other.
    • Travelers who buy tickets with credit cards can typically get refunds from the credit card company if an airline fails.
    • Apparently, they were issuing two and three tickets to each season ticket holder and that's why they ran out.
    • An all-in ticket costs €60, but you can get tickets for individual events as well.
    • They sign a contract to present one performance of their work in April, and to help sell tickets and publicize the event.
    • Raffle tickets for the event are now on sale and admission on the night will be £5.
    • Organizers warned yesterday that holders of fraudulent tickets would not be admitted to World Cup events.
    • Early booking of tickets for the event is advisable as tickets are limited.
    • The airline has announced it would charge travel agents a $55 fee if they requested paper tickets for domestic flights from July 1.
    • Shipped in a large container from somewhere in the Far East or Eastern Europe, the label and the price ticket will probably have been added in a sweatshop in the north of England.
    • They have price tickets and bar codes attached.
    • The man came by to check their tickets and their travel permits, but appeared not to be suspicious.
    • The busway tickets are sold in two ways: vouchers for a certain amount of money in the form of a ‘smart card’ and regular tickets for each trip.
    • They let season ticket holders sell tickets they otherwise wouldn't use.
    • These days the travelers validate their purple tickets or season ticket coupons at automatic turnstiles.
    • In addition to the movie tickets, he preserves even the entry tickets to all entertainment events like circus and magic shows.
    • They each handed their tickets to the ticket taker and entered the plane.
  • 2

    • 2.1(label)

      etiqueta feminine

    • 2.2(for traffic violation)

      multa feminine
      • Still, the news came at a bad time: Esteban was trying to pay off traffic tickets and send money back to his family in Veracruz.
      • As well as nowhere to park I discovered three traffic wardens eagerly sticking tickets on any and every car that had attempted to park where they could.
      • If you owe child support or have outstanding traffic tickets, the guards, theoretically, will know.
      • They wrote out 35 tickets for other offences across the weekend.
      • Ideally, punishment for marijuana-related offences would be similar to a traffic ticket, or an open alcohol offence.
      • Our current fines, applied after many warnings, are so small they amount to a traffic ticket.
      • It also leads me to realize that many motorists here have no regard for the law, and are in full realization that failure to pay a traffic ticket fine will not bring you a penalty, at least not too soon anyway.
      • Over-zealous traffic wardens have slapped tickets on two Radcliffe traders outside their own shops, even though they were unloading stock.
      • Nearby, a business called Latin American Services promises help with plane fares, income tax forms, and traffic tickets.
      • You give them a warning, it's like a traffic ticket.
      • The highest fine that was listed on the ticket was for eight dollars.
      • Everyone looks to take advantage of every loophole available when paying taxes, paying a traffic ticket, appearing for jury duty or whatever.
      • Now even a local police officer writing a traffic ticket can determine that a violator is subject to a deportation order and presumably make an arrest.
      • A total of 24 people received tickets for traffic offences.
      • Endorsable tickets for offences such as speeding and passing red lights, lead to three points on your licence and a £60 fine.
      • The fact of the matter is that the police see a range of policing as important to reduce crime, including the issuing of tickets for traffic offences.
      • And if you owe money for traffic tickets, we could track you down.
      • The next thing I knew, a traffic ticket was on the windshield of that car, and the blond-haired woman who owned the car came out a few hours later to see it.
      • I like to think that women get away without traffic tickets more often than men.
      • You know, a traffic ticket was what she really was responsible for, and she ended up going to prison for committing a felony.
      • The provincial government is increasing fines and penalties for provincial offences, including speeding tickets, as of August 1st.

    • 2.3informal (permit)

      licencia feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1Politics
      (list of candidates)

      lista feminine
      he ran on the Republican ticket se presentó como candidato republicano
      • to vote the straight Democratic ticket votar a candidatos demócratas para todos los cargos
      • If four candidates on a single ticket were all to get into Legco they would require the support of nearly the entire constituency.
      • All three believe it is imperative that a candidate from this region is on the party ticket come the next General Election.
      • The vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket is the attack dog.
      • The Dems already have someone, but any party who has any candidate on the ticket is eligible if they don't already have a rep.
      • It helped Cr Gates defeat Cr Irwin on preferences and ensured the other members of his ticket, Crs John Hampton and Brian Suffolk, were elected.
      • She will never win a place on a national Republican ticket as a candidate for president or vice president.
      • Even Republican Jews are praising Gore's choice of Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew and the first Jew to run on the national ticket of a major party.
      • On December 1, both parties announced they will be fielding a joint ticket of candidates under the name of the Kurdish Unity List.
      • But I don't get to vote for a fantasy ticket; I have to choose between the candidates selected for me.
      • Rather than seeking that co-option in September last, Phyllis was selected as a second candidate on the ticket in an effort to take a second seat.
      • Now there's another story, which is Lieberman, the first Jewish candidate, Orthodox Jewish candidate on a national ticket.
      • But what about boosting the ticket before the elections?
      • For this reason, parties seek to ensure that their own voters follow the party ticket and transfer their votes to another candidate of the same party.
      • Flannery would be a good candidate on any party ticket and will put in a strong campaign over the coming weeks.
      • No candidates running in Iowa in the past 30 years joined together on the Democratic ticket in the election.
      • On Sunday in the Sligo Park Hotel, they will select three candidates on the party ticket.
      • Not wanting to run on the same ticket as the LaRouche candidates, Stevenson was listed on the ballot as an independent that year.
      • But I do want to encourage people to shake up university politics by not voting in a full ticket of candidates, which has happened in the last several elections.
      • I was hoping there'd be an antiwar candidate on the ticket and was disappointed when Kerry picked Edwards.
      • Mr Lane said that by the whole district voting the temptation was there not to put two strong female candidates on the ticket.

    • 3.2Politics

      programa masculine
      programa político masculine
      programa electoral masculine
      • I would like to vote, this year or sometime, for a ticket and a party that is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-poor.
      • I believe that we have been effective champions of our ticket's policies and principles, and that we have achieved much both locally and across the city.
      • Alan Jones is an old mate of Turnbull's and naturally supports the ticket and the new constitution.
      • Just ahead, the Democratic ticket is official, and the game is underway.
      • The concept of going forward with a unity ticket that was bipartisan was always something that we had on the table.
      • Earl F. Dodge has run for President on the Prohibition ticket in every election since 1984.
      • The party won a resounding victory at the parliamentary elections on a ticket of law and order, and tax cuts.
      • These numbers suggest that a coalition of Islamic parties supporting a single ticket could have won the presidency.
      • The Iraqi Shias have produced a unity ticket for the elections under the direction of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the leading Iraqi Shia cleric.
      • Progress fought the election on an anti-immigrant ticket.
      • It raises the prospect of the Lib Dems going into the election on a ticket backing extra powers for the Parliament, putting at odds with Labour.
      • Are there candidates on the anti-globalisation ticket, then, Tony?
      • The team is expected to lobby several political parties in a bid to win their support for the ticket in the runoff, he said.
      • In Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who swept to power on an election ticket of uncompromising Islamism, the cabal of conservative mullahs have a president to their liking.
      • People are getting no satisfaction and they are strongly considering having somebody stand in the May elections on a ticket of keeping the school open.
      • So I think that most of these people are just being given this as a reward for basically soldiering on and supporting the ticket.
      • If he's wrong, the only way he'll win their support is through a very-big ticket policy that Green groups believe is worth it.
      • The ‘unity’ of the presidential ticket rarely survived the election.
      • Yet the war shapes other campaigns too, and if Dean falters then there is another candidate on the anti-war ticket: General Wesley Clark.
      • Mr Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, calculated that he didn't need to add foreign policy heft to the ticket.