Translation of tidal basin in Spanish:

tidal basin

dársena de marea, n.


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    dársena de marea feminine
    • ‘Until now, policy makers have focused on rivers, tidal basins and oceans, excluding a discussion of lakes,’ he said.
    • It will be deployed in the Gulf Stream, 11 miles off the Florida coast, but the 120-kilowatt system also works in tidal basins and rivers.
    • So I was very upset to be 10 minutes late for the curtain because of the insane parking lot of traffic clogging the streets around the tidal basin and the cherry blossoms in their annual orgy of pinkness.
    • It is in an intimate valley formed by a stream flowing into a tidal basin.
    • Thousands flock to the park's amphitheater, which surrounds a river tidal basin.
    • The resort's legendary kids program offers cultural and ecological richness with activities like polefishing in the lagoon, examining sea urchins in tidal basins, or creating beautiful flower leis.