Translation of tidal wave in Spanish:

tidal wave

maremoto, n.


  • 1

    maremoto masculine
    a tidal wave of patriotic fervor una oleada de fervor patriótico
    • In 1944 and again in 1946 the quakes generated significant tidal waves, or tsunamis, as well.
    • The events of the last year prove that both extremist and moderate governments in the Middle East are riding a tidal wave of resentment.
    • There's meteor crashes, tidal waves, earthquakes and asteroids.
    • Indeed, the network's commissioning editors appear to have been swept up by a tidal wave of baby-boom nostalgia.
    • I assumed the squealing tires belonged to him and I was hit with a tidal wave of super emotions.
    • The film, to be released in Britain in February, will be followed by a tidal wave of post-feminist fury.
    • She felt a tidal wave of emotions at the sight of him.
    • There is a tidal wave of disillusion in Scotland at the succession of disasters that have marred devolution's infancy.
    • One version, now seen as discredited, suggests it was made possible by a tidal wave caused by an underwater volcanic eruption.
    • Tsunamis, or monster tidal waves generated by volcanic eruptions, leveled Hilo in 1946 and 1961.
    • I sat up as my giggles died down, and watched as a tidal wave of relief fell over Scarlett and Reeve's features.
    • The Boxing Day earthquake and follow up tidal waves took the lives of more than 300,000 people, in countries rimming the northern Indian Ocean.
    • These days, we are almost hit with a tidal wave of information.
    • And yet we're one of the leading players in a tidal wave of hatred and violence and division in the world.
    • The tidal waves and flooding uprooted land mines in war-torn Sri Lanka, threatening to kill or maim aid workers and survivors who are attempting to return to what's left of their homes.
    • We have been shocked at the terrible news of the earthquake followed by the tidal waves which have caused so much terrible destruction and loss of human life.
    • She pictured wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes and tidal waves.
    • It said many buildings were destroyed and 17 coastal villages were flooded by tidal waves, leaving over 200 families homeless.
    • People had been predicting earthquakes and tidal waves, when we felt a few tremors.
    • The film also depicted a gigantic tidal wave flooding New York.
    • Within 45 minutes they were aware of the danger of a giant tidal wave sweeping the Indian Ocean.
    • We are not cursed with ice storms, hurricanes, volcano eruptions or tidal waves.
    • So a lot of people think that there's always going to be a recession of the ocean before a tidal wave or tsunami hits.
    • I felt a tidal wave of relief, an ecstatic joy that couldn't be tainted.
    • The project, for six former prisoners, has triggered a tidal wave of protest.
    • Alex is rocked by a tidal wave of emotion when he visits Benny in jail.
    • With the job market slowly recovering, brace yourself for a tidal wave of employee turnover.
    • Officials fear they may have been washed away by tidal waves triggered after Friday's earthquake.
    • The people and the media were also caught up in a tidal wave of political change that caught them all by surprise and elicited an awkward response.
    • A tidal wave of remorse still remained tightly sealed inside him but for now, he had more immediate concerns with which to occupy his mind.
    • This applies equally to tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, avalanches, tidal waves and meteor strikes.
    • A tidal wave of crime is coming over this country, and all this Minister can do is say that things are OK.
    • I can't spend my days worrying about tidal waves and earthquakes and crazed dictators.
    • I don't think we can resolve problems like earthquakes and tidal waves.
    • By targeting media outlets they have turned a drop of poison into a tidal wave of terror.
    • This displacement generated a tidal wave - tsunami - that fanned out across the Indian Ocean.
    • I felt a tidal wave of guilt - surely my love for Fay was blatantly obvious?
    • He felt a tidal wave of truth crushing him below its cruel weight, as the graveness of what he had done hit him.
    • Thousands of people have spent idyllic holidays in the areas stricken by the tidal wave following the earthquake.
    • The response was a tidal wave of indignation from MPs, the vast majority of whom boycotted the questionnaire.