Translation of tiddler in Spanish:


pececito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪdlər//ˈtɪdlə/



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    pececito masculine
    she's only a tiddler es muy chiquita / pequeñita
    • Not only that, but if one of tiddlers outside the index started to do well, and get a bit bigger, then it would soon get added to the index.
    • But it isn't just the tiddlers of the telecom industry that are in trouble.
    • Now don't get me wrong, Susanna, I'm not defending our laws, but really, in comparison to laws in England, in comparison to laws in the United States, we're just tiddlers.
    • This tiddler, this minnow of the money market should obviously be allowed to get bigger and swallow something bigger.
    • He added: ‘If this was 50 metres high, maybe there would be a point on the visual impact, but this is a tiddler.’
    • Just little tiddlers all of them, rain and dark cloud for about 20 minutes and then sunshine again.
    • Jo Haywood discovers that buying clothes for tiddlers, toddlers, tweenies and teens is child's play this season.
    • Although still a tiddler in publishing terms, it stresses that it is not a one-author wonder and is building up a stable of big - sellers.
    • There are some other tiddlers too but we won't get involved in those.
    • Once again, this proves that the tiddlers almost always beat the high-street names!
    • Animation has come a long way since I was a tiddler way back in the last century.
    • The Japanese manufacturer who, when it comes to cars, has made its name by thinking small rather than big, has this month launched another tiddler, but this one a five-door version.
    • But, to the industry at least, the most important cars of 2005 will be the tiddlers.
    • It was huge - not like the wild tiddlers we have at home.