Translation of tideline in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtaɪdˌlaɪn//ˈtʌɪdlʌɪn/


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    • A short walk along the causeway to Horrid Hill is a must, followed by a longer walk along the tideline to the reedbeds at Motney Hill RSPB Reserve.
    • If you've left many footprints along Gulf Coast tidelines, you know what a special moment we shared.
    • He had begun to dig diligently along the low tideline and had captured two clams.
    • Oystercatchers and starlings pattered on the tideline.
    • The hot water of summer increases the stress factor for captive shrimp, and the race to the tideline can be tense.
    • The camera follows riverbanks and tidelines with predictable regularity.
    • These delightful visitors from Scandinavia and northern Russia spend winter days on the windswept saltings, shingle strands and tidelines.
    • There was a large yacht out in the bay, and walking along the tideline was a man with a metal detector.
    • All are clean-looking products built to last on the tideline.
    • You don't just get the four seasons in a day here, you get them concurrently; when it seems like winter on the tideline, it can be summer in the streets.
    • On one occasion 11 rails were recovered on the tidelines between Blakeney and Morston.