Translation of tie-up in Spanish:


conexión, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈtaɪ ˌəp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(connection)

      conexión feminine
      • There were also some units that were looking at marketing tie-ups with the pump units here wherein they would source water pumps from here and market it in other parts of the country.
      • EBS, which has 19 branches and 33 tied branch agents, hopes that the tie-up will signal its ambitions in the market.
      • As Britain's first big commercial radio deal, the tie-up is likely to be pored over by the competition authorities.
      • The show will enable exhibitors and buyers to develop business, enter tie-ups and bag long-term contracts like never before.
      • In a rare tie-up, a business house and a social service organization joined hands for a cause.
      • In the days to come, corporate organisations would have to ‘nurture good campus relationships’, by going in for tie-ups with local engineering colleges that would provide them a constant supply of talent and skill.
      • Last week's announcement of a commercial tie-up between Manchester United and the Yankees was yet another indication of the way football is heading.
      • The Football Association says that the money will be invested in the game's grass roots but traditionalists argue that commercial tie-ups like this devalue this venerable institution.
      • Four Labour councillors and senior officers are looking into a proposed tie-up with a commercial organisation to take over some support services.
      • State Bank of India has drawn up a fresh strategy to boost its retail business through mass marketing and of corporate tie-ups.
      • To this end they are helped by their £303m, 14-year contract with Nike and a financial tie-up with the New York Yankees.
      • Analysts have speculated for at least two years about a possible tie-up with a continental or US bank, but a deal under the outgoing chief executive has failed to materialise.
      • He added that in India, the marketing tie-up is beginning to pay off.
      • It contained 61 pages of material relating to the tie-up between the two car firms.
      • Troubled supermarket chain Morrisons was dealt a new blow by research showing its tie-up with Safeway was losing market share.
      • Britain's second largest mortgage provider, which is undergoing a three year overhaul, said the proposed tie-up was necessary to accelerate its own recovery.
      • He expressed the belief that the tie-up would increase bargaining power when negotiating with artists and suppliers.
      • Hiroshima Bank has been boosting its operations overseas by forming business tie-ups.
      • Such tie-ups are good for business - and good for peace.
      • So we were keen to have a business tie-up with the JK bank.

    • 1.2Business

      (para un proyecto conjunto) acuerdo masculine

    • 1.3

      • As a result of the new tie-up, it is launching a new broadband service for £16.99 a month.

  • 2US

    (stoppage, jam)
    embotellamiento masculine
    • Long-distance commutes and traffic tie-ups contribute to worsening health-related issues, such as air pollution and increased asthma and other breathing-related illnesses.
    • There was some kind of traffic tie-up on the highway to my hotel.
    • When the traffic tie-up reached back to Capilano Mall some frustrated but experienced North Van commuters headed for the Second Narrows crossing.
    • Since the line opened in June, drivers have faced traffic tie-ups and excessive waiting on cross streets, where the light-rail trains always have the right of way.
    • But he cautioned there will always be traffic tie-ups as long as drivers continue to slow down in tunnels.
    • Since the mid-1950s, for instance, the city of Phoenix, Arizona has grown from 17 to well over 400 square miles, and its traffic tie-ups are nightmarish.
    • Hundreds of teachers marched on the first day of the strike through one of La Paz's main avenues, causing traffic tie-ups.
    • Traffic tie-ups and winter weather are delaying travelers heading home for the holiday.
    • No one was injured, but the traffic tie-up from this accident went on for miles.
    • The traffic tie-up at the end of the runway made me aware of another problem.
    • An Engineer brigade task force nevertheless immediately began constructing a pontoon bridge to relieve traffic tie-ups on the main bridge.
    • Well, that's funny seeing as how there's no report of any accidents or traffic tie-ups on that evening and it wasn't rush hour.