Translation of tights in Spanish:


malla, n.

Pronunciation /tʌɪts//taɪts/

plural noun


  • 1

    (for ballet etc)
    malla feminine
    mallas feminine
    leotardo masculine
    leotardos masculine
    • Smith gave Mandy not only a new leotard, but tights and ballet shoes too.
    • He is dressed as a jester in tights and a wide satin blue and white striped shirt.
    • He first interviewed a costume researcher to find out where the tradition of wearing tights came from.
    • Whether in tights or bare-legged, a dancer expects his body to be scrutinized.
    • There are some male dancers for whom tights, you feel, are a perk of the job.
    • He still looks like the dancer he no longer is, after hanging up his tights in the spring of 2000.
    • She had her hair up and was dressed in a black leotard with pink tights.
    • Almost all ballet schools require pink, footed tights for girls and black tights and white socks for boys.
    • He was the character, if you'll recall, who had issues with purchasing dancing tights for fear of looking foolish.
    • Once a nation that liked its dancing men in tights, we now adore Baryshnikov in his boiler suit, strutting his stuff with a set of ladders.
    • We were desperate to emulate our heroes in Bulgaria and Russia, so we ripped our ballet tights and wore our sweatshirts inside out.
    • I never sweat and my body temperature drops as soon as I strip down to a leotard and tights after my warm up.
    • The rule is you should dress in tights and leotards that contrast with the background.
    • Rather than High Renaissance men in tights, English Touring Theatre's Romeo And Juliet starts with men in fights.
    • I glanced down and took in my leotard and my tights and then raised a hand as if to acknowledge the comment.
    • The ballet opens with a short solo for Nikolaj Hübbe, clothed in a white shirt and tights.
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